Sunday, 24 November 2013

Skincare - my new purchases!

This week i've really noticed that my skin needed some attention. My foundation has started showing the dry skin on my nose and really I just needed to hydrate my face as much as possible. I used to love my old moisturiser but I feel like it doesn't help my skin as much as it used to and I wanted to try something else. I went into Boots and headed to the No7 counter. I've heard good things about their skincare products and they do a good range. I got talking to the lady on the counter and she was really helpful, i'm totally aware that they are there to sell and that I can often get easily sucked in but she was genuinely very good and knowledgeable. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

I'm on YouTube!!!

I've finally persuaded myself to have a go at YouTube and i'm pretty scared but excited about it too! I will have to work hard to get lots of videos up to get it properly started but the first is up and that was the biggest hurdle... Now just for people to actually watch it! I enjoyed filming it and editing - I hope you like it too!

My first video features a few of the products that I have blogged about recently so hopefully it'll give you a chance to see them a bit better!

Em x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Benefit Beauties!

I had some time the other day before an appointment at Specsavers so I decided to pop into Boots. I walked past the Benefit counter and before I knew it I was trying things out and having my makeup done by a lovely girl called Lydia. I love having my makeup done so will take every opportunity I can get! I had been wanting to try out a couple of products for a while and there was an offer on at the time for if you bought 2 Benefit products you got 750 boots points. I decided to buy 2 products in the end as I loved one so much I thought I may as well get something else too!

I bought Rockateur - a blush and a set of three minis of Posie Tint, Sun Beam and Cha Cha Tint. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween and Fireworks!

So of course there was halloween this week. I've never been a fan of trick or treating but I do like dressing up occasionally and having a bit of fun with making myself look odd. I wasn't planning on going out as to be honest I felt ill but the idea of staying in alone on Halloween, i'm not going to lie, freaked me out a little. So I got ready in about 15 minutes! Crazy huh? I had also bought a dress to wear already so I wanted to go.