Wednesday, 22 January 2014

YouTube: Wedding Guest Look

I did another tutorial on YouTube for a 'wedding guest look'. I did one that was quite specific as it's exactly what I had worn the week before at my friends wedding. I needed makeup that didn't take too long but lasted all day and matched my outfit. 

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

A few new posts will be up on here very soon!

Em x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

And here's to 2014! [Haul]

I bought a few things in December, needed a few pieces of makeup for occasions and such, things were  running out and it was time to restock and I treated myself a little too... So here is a little round up of things I bought and received before the new year! Including a couple of Christmas 'non-makeup things'.
Okay so this may not count entirely but I went to the hairdressers before Christmas and got my hair cut and coloured. I've started treating myself to getting it done at the hairdressers and although I love it, it is expensive so i'm not sure for how long this can continue! I love the colour of my hair now though!