Sunday, 5 January 2014

And here's to 2014! [Haul]

I bought a few things in December, needed a few pieces of makeup for occasions and such, things were  running out and it was time to restock and I treated myself a little too... So here is a little round up of things I bought and received before the new year! Including a couple of Christmas 'non-makeup things'.
Okay so this may not count entirely but I went to the hairdressers before Christmas and got my hair cut and coloured. I've started treating myself to getting it done at the hairdressers and although I love it, it is expensive so i'm not sure for how long this can continue! I love the colour of my hair now though!

I basically asked for as red as she could make it without going 'postbox' colour...
Anyway, I love it a lot :)

Moving on...

I needed new powder and I wanted to try something new, I always use my trusty Stay Matte! I decided to go for Maybelline, Super Stay 24h as that is really what I wanted, for it to stay on!! I found it hard to test the colour properly in Boots so I think I may have got a colour that is slightly darker than I wanted but I can still use it. (I'm actually now using it blended with my Stay Matte powder to create an extra contouring effect) I love this powder, it does seem to last really well, it's just the pricetag of £6.99 (I think) meant I was reluctant to buy another just yet. I like the effect I get by using both and as I use this on my nose and t-zone - the oily areas, it works very well. Thumbs up for this!

As you can see, I decided to even try the concealer and I was definitely not disappointed! If you put this next to my old concealer it looks a fair bit darker but actually, even if you put this on with my new winter foundation it still really works. The coverage is brilliant without being noticeable. The lady as the YSL counter did my makeup the other day and as she took it off she said "wow you do wear a good coverage" or something to that effect... Probably therefore insulting my dark circles but at the same time, it shows that this concealer does the job well! I got the powder in Sand and the concealer in Medium.

Now this was a gift and a very useful one as this was something I needed although didn't know what to buy. I was talking to my friend Laura who had been to the Clothes Show Live and had bought a Models Own goodie bag type thing. You know the thing, you spent £15 and get £30 worth of stuff (that's an example, I don't know what she spent!) the catch is that you can't choose it... Well Laura is not the most tanned of us and when I saw this I couldn't help but ask to try it on. I wanted to see the colour to see if it would work for her wedding to use to contour for her. Well the colour from this product was amazing but it's really pretty dark and on her skin tone just really wouldn't work so she very kindly gave it to me. For my own skin tone I love it, if you are more tanned then me it would also be perfect but for anyone paler it just looks orange and doesn't suit. 

Next up are a couple of beauties in the form of some gorgeous new lipsticks! The first is by Maybelline and it's called Galactic Mauve, a brilliant name if you ask me. I have had a deep purple lipstick before but this is a very different shade. It's gorgeous. I bought it with my dress for the wedding in mind - photos of that to come! It's quite shimmery, it's almost got little glitter pieces in it which is cute for a party but I also like wearing this just when I feel like having a bit of a change - or a quick addition to liven up simple makeup.

The second lipstick was a Christmas present. I got a phone call from my lovely mum whilst I was at uni. I'd asked for two things makeup wise and she decided to phone me to ask if I wanted anything else because of the 3 for 2 offer Boots have been doing. I asked for a lipstick and the first one that came into my head was this one because I have been wanting to try these for AGES. I ended up with Revlon ColorBurst in Berry Smoothie 050. I let her decide the colour although my mention of something berry coloured I feel influenced her choice somewhat! Anyway, it's a gorgeous pink and at the moment I've been wearing it full and glossy although apparently these are great to dab on and use as more of a stain effect too. Funnily enough this went well with my evening outfit for the wedding so I used this then! 

Sorry for the lack of swatch - I forgot and the lighting isn't great whilst I'm writing this!

The second of the Christmas presents was this amazing quad, something tells me that I was subconsciously channelling what I wanted for the wedding as this was also what I used for myself on the day. I can safely say that this was amazing. I used Urban Decay primer potion as a base with these four colours and created a pretty feminine smokey eye that was suitable for day to night. It stayed on amazingly, I didn't bother touching it up. It was brilliant and I highly recommend this because it is beautiful and the colours have great pigmentation. It's L'Oreal Paris and the colour set is Smoky - Eau de Rose. I will definitely be repeating myself when I do my post about the wedding!

Last but not least is something I have wanted to get my hands on for ages, (knowing my mum had it wrapped was a real annoyance! hehe) it's another Real Techniques brush! It's the Expert Face Brush. Although I love my Foundation Brush by them I feel that it doesn't blend the foundation in very well. It does a good job of covering the face but I think this brush does a much better job of blending into the skin creating a more flawless finish. I will still use my old brush to apply the foundation but this is definitely better for finishing it with. It also nicely alludes to one of the other things I have bought recently that I sort of mentioned earlier - a post on that will be coming soon!

I think it's time to wrap this up... It's getting to be a rather long post! I hope you liked it and get some ideas for anything you are thinking about buying. 

Here's a Christmassy photo for you because even though my tree came down today, I did enjoy the festive season and wish it went on longer after Christmas...

and here are a couple of my favourite non-makeup presents :)

HAPPY 2014

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Em x

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