Hi, I’m Emily Grace and welcome to my blog, Emilia-Grace.

I first started this blog in January 2010 and called it Pearls & Bows. I did quite a few posts but with A-Levels and other things it got neglected. I didn’t post as often as I wanted and to be honest I didn’t put as much effort in as I know I can. I knew that I wanted to restart the blog when I went to Uni but so much changes when starting at university that I needed to spend time finding my feet before I launched into a new project like this! In May this year I decided that enough was enough and I needed to go for it this time, so in amongst exam revision I started to blog again every Sunday. I deleted all the previous posts, changed the blog around a bit and renamed it – Emilia-Grace.

A bit about me…
I am twenty years old and am in my second year at Kent University, England.

I study English and American Literature and Creative Writing and I absolutely love it. I love using my creative side. In the past I did GCSE Textiles but now I have left the sewing machine behind and instead I choose to write and do hair and makeup. I love to style other people and am always doing friends hair and makeup. I much prefer doing other peoples, I chose to get my own hair done at the hairdressers for my year 13 prom and then went home and did several other girls hair. With make-up I like doing my own, as I can experiment a lot more with different things and if it looks awful I take it off! However I love doing my friend's makeup for events. I find trying things on different skin tones and eye shapes etc really interesting. I also just really enjoy it and I hope to in the future use my makeup skills as a sideline career. I am not a professional MUA but I enjoy it and people tell me i'm good at it, and as long as people are happy to let me do their make-up then I will!

On this blog you will find products that I like, and maybe the occasional one that disappoints. There will be OOTDs and FOTDs and such like. There will be makeup looks that hopefully will inspire you and there will probably be a lot of rambling because I am VERY good at that.

I really hope you like this blog and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Leave me comments and follow if you like it! (You can also follow me on BlogLovin' the link is on the right)

Thank you,

Em x

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Quick note - some of the photos may vary in quality as I use a couple of different cameras 
I often use my Nexus 7" tablet for FOTDs or I am using my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS45 which I think people often call a little 'point and shoot' camera. I may also use my MacBook camera or my phone (was HTC Desire S - Since December iPhone5s). I prefer using my Nexus tablet to take 'selfies' because I can see the photo I am taking on the screen and it's easy to upload but my Lumix camera photos are technically of a better quality. Either way, I will only use photos that I think are of a reasonable standard and lighting.

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