Saturday, 28 December 2013

NYE Look.

I haven't blogged in a while... but it's been Christmas and I only got home for the holidays on Friday 20th and since then it's been very busy, needed a bit of time out! The holidays are like that, right? One minute you're buying presents, then you're wrapping, opening and suddenly it's boxing day, and the sales and you're buying all over again. That's me anyway. I have tried to be good this year but I may have bought a few treats that i'll be telling you about soon! 

I said I'd be doing a few festive looks and I have another one for you... let's call this the NYE look. I love New Years Eve. I like to try and spend it with different people every year - or at least at different places. Sounds silly but it's nice to be able to remember each new year differently. So here is another look!

Gold Eyes.

I used my Stila palette that I bought in last years sales and the gold colours from that to create a golden smokey eye. I also used the dark pink coloured blush which I'd forgotten that I LOVE and my Mac lipstick in Mehr. I finished the look with my liquid liner and lots of mascara. 

It's a simple look, just a little heavier on the blush and mascara then normal perhaps. 

My playsuit is something I got from ASOS and wore for my birthday this year :) It's a favourite of mine. It can be casual for day but works for a night out too! I love playsuits for that. 

It's a pretty and girly look which could go with anything. Wear your hair big in a top knot and you have a relaxed look, or curl/straighten your hair to within an inch of its life and then you have the perfect 'put-together' look :)

Enjoy NYE!

You'll be seeing more from me soon!

Em x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Festive Look: OTT Party

Hey girlies,

I love Christmas and I love how there is always an opportunity to party or get dressed up at Christmas! I've had a few Christmas things recently and I have another couple before Christmas so I thought I'd show you a few festive looks! 

This is the first one of the series and I think you'll agree, it's quite over the top/colourful!  Whatever you want to call it! I was going to a society meeting so to be honest it was quite OTT but it was fun to do and would be good for a party! Basically I was procrastinating from my essays...

I'll show you what I used and a few pictures!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


I love dancing and at uni I have had the opportunity to be in some shows. Show make-up I don't think is too different to normal makeup, it's just in this case - more is BETTER!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Dior... I have Dior?!

Well this post is a little late as I was given this ages ago but I thought i'd share it with you now before I never do...

So it's a long story but basically my Dad knows a man who works for a company... you know, just a small one... it's called Dior. SAY WHAT? Anyway, I got all excited when he told me and then he told me the good bit, his friend was going to give him free makeup samples!! Do you understand my excitement here? I spend a lot on makeup but even I stop at Dior, well, I restrain myself anyway, it's just so expensive! I was so excited to see if it was worth the price...