Sunday, 27 October 2013

MaXfactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara

For a long while now I have not strayed far from my trusted Maybelline 'The Falsies' mascara. I really liked it and I still do like it a lot. I started using it because of Tanya Burr and now it seems that I will only try a new mascara if it is one I have seen someone else use - i've had a few bad purchases with mascara in the past and they are expensive to replace! 

I wasn't intending to replace my mascara just yet but then I got conjunctivitis and definitely did not want it to keep coming back so I was forced to bin my old one and buy new. 

I took the opportunity to try a new mascara and break out of the habit... I chose MaXfactor's False Lash Effect Fusion because it promises volume and length, but mainly because I had seen Alix (click her name to see her blog) using it and saying that she loved it. Her eyelashes looked great so I thought i'd give it a whirl. Here is what I thought...

Apologies for the bad photo, the mirrored writing really didn't want to work in the lighting.

Monday, 21 October 2013

So I went to the hairdressers and this happened.

I went home for the weekend last week and although it was a flying visit I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the hairdressers. It had been six weeks since my last and I don't know when i'll be popping back home again till Christmas so I decided to go for it and get it done then. So I booked it whilst at uni for early on the Saturday morning when I'd be home after travelling on the friday night.  

When I got to the hairdressers I was only going to have it trimmed a little but as I was talking to my lovely hairdresser Rachel I could really see the discolouration of the ends of my hair in the light. I've noticed it a lot recently but didn't realise how bad it had got. The blonde from the bleach (dip dye) started to come back through quite quickly after I used the permanent dye on it in August and this point (early October) I couldn't really ignore it anymore. To most people the ends probably just looked a bit lighter but if you put the ends of my hair against the rest of it then the difference had actually become quite pronounced. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Love: Zara Champs Elysees Perfume

I love perfume, I asked for perfume for my birthday (which I posted about here) and I had previously got perfume that I had also asked for for Christmas (Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck) which I adore. Whilst away camping we went to Bournemouth and I popped into Zara. For some reason I ended up looking at the perfumes. They are actually really well priced and I fell in love with one of the scents. I really liked a few of them actually but there was one that really stood out.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'll Captivate you with my Mehr.

I mentioned in my last week that freshers flu had hit and I felt rubbish? Well I didn't realise at the time but I had also got conjunctivitis. Perfect. My eyes are just about getting back to their normal colour now and don't hurt so much but it's meant that I can't wear eye makeup at the moment. It also means that I need to throw away my mascaras... I'm not sure how long the bacteria can be in your eye before it comes up and i've been using a few lately so I think I'm going to have to start again. Just when I'd told myself that i'm not allowed to buy any more makeup for a bit! (You'll see why in a second). Anyway, so after this little ramble lets get on with the post. 
On Thursday night this week there was a Student Shopping Night where I live. You sign up for free and get a wristband and there are discounts at loads of stores. I could have gone crazy and bought so much but I made myself choose one thing and only go to get that. I chose, surprise surprise - makeup. Not just any sort of makeup but MAC Lipstick. MAC never has sales so to get any discount is great (hence my recent purchases in duty free!), 10% off and i'm not complaining. I may have said to myself that i'd only get one but I honestly couldn't decide after spending about half an hour trying them all on. So I bought two. Yay! The girl at the counter was like, "well what are student loans for?" My reply of "food" made her laugh. These two lipsticks came to about the same amount as a weekly shop for me! But they are amazing, and beautiful and long-lasting and... I could go on but let me show you first!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Freshers! (Well, Re-Freshers for me...)

I got back to uni just over two weeks ago but last week was the official Freshers week for my University. Last year was great but it's a totally different situation when you already know the people you are living with and going out with. This year my housemates and I went out every night (minus one where we had a few friends over) during the week and went to different bars and clubs. This of course meant loads of different outfits! There was one night where my housemates ended up shouting at me to stop changing my mind as I must have put on about 10 different outfits before eventually deciding! I haven't done many OOTN's (Can I call it that? Outfit Of The Night?! Sounds a bit weird...)  on here so I hope you like it. I'm sat here feeling pretty rubbish right now, freshers flu has hit me hard but last week was definitely worth it!

Anyway, here are some of the photos from my re-freshers!