Thursday, 6 February 2014

OOTDs - Birthday House Parties!!

This was a couple of weeks ago but I loved this outfit as it contrasts with what I usually wear. Unless it's a plain black dress I can't remember the last time I wore monochrome but I picked up these leggings in the New Look sale and I borrowed the top from my housemate (it's from River Island). I even dug out my only pair of heels (black wedges). Unfortunately I totally didn't decide to wear them till after the photos! You can tell Emilie was in hers though from the high camera angle - love it :)
The necklace is also a sale find - Accessorize, it's super pretty and girly.

And there is me and my housemates :) Zoe & Emilie.

So that was the evening we went out, and the next night we stayed in... Party-time at ours!

A bit of a different look here...

The theme was A...
(for Ashley our housemate)
Can you tell who I am?

Amy Winehouse duhh! :)
and Ems is an Alligator. 
It's amazing what you can do with black and green eyeshadow... she looked fantastic.

My hair went HUGE and I had hardly tried! It was amazing, my tip is basically do it on the day you were meant to wash your hair (I wash mine every other day) and back-comb the front in layers whilst you lean over. My hair hardly took anything to do this... and I only used hairspray to keep it up all night. I think it would have stayed up alright by itself to be honest!

So yeah, two very different looks for two very different nights!

I'll be back to posting regularly I hope from now on - I felt like I needed a break so I had one... but I need to get back on track!

Em x

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