Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Light :) || Bourjois Haul Product One

I did a little shopping the other day and bought a few make up items from Bourgois... I'm going to do a series of a few short posts about each!

The first that I'm going to show you is Happy Light - Luminous Serum Primer.

The first thing that called out to me was that I was sure I'd seen someone talking positively about this in a YouTube video and I'm sure it was Tanya Burr. I trust her views so I thought that this was probably quite a good product to try even at it's price of £10.99!

I needed a new primer as my old one has run out. This has a very different consistency to the other primers I have used it's much more like a light moisturiser. I must say that the pink colour also attracted my attention! I love the smell of this product. I have been using this over my normal moisturiser sometimes as I feel that I need the primer to keep my makeup on and a bit of extra moisturising can't hurt. I do like to wait a couple of minutes for this to sink in though before putting on foundation.
I have used this by itself a few times and I must say that this is a great light moisturiser and can really work for my skin by itself. 

I'm not sure this is a primer that delivers as long-lasting results as some, but I do think this helps keep my foundation and the rest of my make-up on for longer and actually it did very well for my dance show last night... A few snapchats to show you ;)

(I'm wearing Girls Aloud 10th Anniversary Lashes in case you were wondering)

I think that under a light foundation this really does help add a bit of 'luminous' without making my skin look oily. There was an option of 'matte' in this product but as much as I do prefer a slightly more matte look to my foundation (I think 'dewy' on my skin can go into looking more oily instead *sadface*) I do want my skin to look bright and I think this does help that even if I use a more matte foundation and a powder.

I have a couple more posts of what I bought coming soon and a few very exciting things which I've done recently that I can't wait to show you!

Em x

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