Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mini Beauty Birthday Haul!

It was my birthday yesterday and so I thought i'd do a bit of a beauty haul with some of the beauty stuff I received. I got a few boots vouchers and things so no doubt there will be a bigger haul once i've spent those!

Okay, so firstly my boyfriend gave me perfume, Giorgio Armani Code Pour Femme. I fell in love with this perfume the other week when I went into John Lewis and saw it. I love it. For Christmas I asked for Wonderstruck, Taylor Swift's perfume - which I still love but this is a much sexier scent. I'm no good with talking about exact scents and blends but according to Sephora it has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry, i'm not sure how good that sounds but I love it. Anyway, back to the point - Giorgio Armani Code Pour Femme. Now, according to Sephora it is a 'fresh, sexy, feminine' fragrance. All I know is that I think it'll be my evening fragrance, something i'll wear on a night out or maybe just when I feel like dressing up a little. It has notes of Blood Orange, Ginger, Pear Sorbet, Sambac Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Seringa Flower, Lavender Honey, Precious Woods Complex and Vanilla. I think i'd describe it as a little oriental. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing it out and seeing if anyone says anything. For the 30ml eau de parfum I believe that it is around £30.

A hair product I have heard a lot about recently is Moroccan Hair Oil, so I have decided to try this out for myself. My hair is naturally curly and pretty bouncy so I was hoping that it wouldn't weigh it down to much although I did want it to tame my curls a little and add some shine. I have bleached the ends of my hair to create the ombre effect and I definitely felt the ends of my hair needed nourishing. I have been using several products to do this which will come up in future blog posts. The oil I received for my birthday is called argania hair oil or to give it it's full name 'argania organic moroccan argan hair oil'. I used it yesterday and today and I really like how it goes onto my hair, it seems quite light weight. It is a golden liquid and you have to be very careful when pouring it out into the palm of your hand that you don't get too much. I find it best to do one side of my hair and then the other and use a tiny bit first and then add more if necessary. It is £14.99 from Boots and I shall keep using it and see how my hair goes over time as it does feel nourished now but I would like to see if there is any big improvement! It does add shine and I think its good for my bleached ends! 

Now, on to the makeup, the first product is Soap & Glory, which I believe my mum bought from Boots and it's 'Lid Stuff, Flawless Finish Eyeshadow' in the colourset called Off The Wallflowers. It has a really pretty set of two purples, one light (Sugar Violet) and one darker (Dandy Plum), then there is a gold shimmer colour (Minky) and a blue (Wild Blue). It's a lovely quad and will be great for summer when I don't want a smokey eye and just want to lift my lids with a bit of colour, Soap & Glory say that it doesn't crease and has good staying power so this will be interesting to see. At £10 it is a little pricey for just 4 colours but if it lives up to what they say then it should be worth it. The colours were a little disappointing when I swatched them on my hand as they are more sheer than I thought they would be. I think that they will be quite buildable on the lids though so hopefully this will be the case.

Moving on to another beauty product and the final one! This is a very well known palette that I have been wanting to buy for a very long time, in fact since the day I first saw it in a YouTube tutorial when it was first released. It is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I went to London for my birthday and went to the Zoo, afterwards I popped into the House of Fraser on Oxford Street, I didn't go to browse, I just walked straight to the Urban Decay counter and decided to choose between the original Naked palette or the Naked 2. I chose the original palette because it has a warmer, more golden toned set of colours whereas the Naked 2 has a more silver grey theme running through it's colours. I have always wanted this palette because the main eyeshadow that I wear is a golden neutrals smokey eye. I have had the MUA Heaven palette for a while which many might consider and much cheaper sort of dupe but obviously the quality is no where near the same, as much as myself and that palette have had good times and although I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative I really adore this palette and i've only had it a day. I haven't swatched the colours like I did for the quad because there are so many swatches of this out there if you type it into google you will find many swatches of it on all different skin tones. It comes with a travel size primer potion in original which I have never used so I am excited to try and it also comes with a brush so I think the whole thing is quite reasonably priced at £36 if you are prepared to spend that on makeup! That is £3 a colour and then with the primer and brush really it is worth it. 

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