Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pretty But Practical - OOTD

I thought that I would share with you my favourite outfit out of what I have worn this week! I love wearing girly skater dresses for a fun daytime look. I'm often a jeans and a top sort of girl as it's so easy and comfortable but really leggings and a comfy dress is just as easy and looks a bit more pulled together. I got some lovely compliments when I wore this dress! I had loads of things to do that day, I had to revise, then go to uni and attend a talk and then walk back home for a break. After that I had to go back to uni for more meetings and finally I went to an awards ceremony in the evening. It was a hectic day!

- ASOS Dress - Topshop Leggings - New Look  Shoes - 
The shoes have become a staple of mine recently, I absolutely love them. I bought them in a black polka dot and had to buy a second pair in plain black so that I can wear them with anything! They look lovely and are good comfortable shoes - perfect for day and even for night (at 5ft11 I rarely wear heels...)

Here is a close up of the material - it's so pretty!
In the photos of me wearing the dress it is washed out a little by the lighting and probably the setting my camera was on but I didn't realise that at the time!

- Wallis Cardigan (I got it from a charity shop so it probably isn't available anymore but I love the style! I have my friend Emilie to thank for this find - I am awful at finding things in charity shops but she definitely has an eye for it!)  - 

And now the finished outfit, complete with a lightweight scarf. It was from a stall in Canterbury and I love it. I've seen them around though in other places and shops often do cute printed scarves. I liked the navy colouring together with the dress and the patterns didn't clash too much.

Thank you Zoe for taking these photos :) 

Finally I thought I should also tell you about my makeup for the day - of course it is my normal base (check that out here). I also added some bronzer, any warm toned bronzer without shimmer will do for a daytime look. I used a Colourworks Bronzer, I think the brand is available from superdrug but I got it in a makeup set for Christmas a few years ago (yes I still have it, I used to use a different bronzer). I am going to invest in a new bronzer soon, so I will update you when I've found one I like. 

As for the rest of my makeup - 
Blusher - Collection 200 in Bashful (I used this in the 'Daytime Basic Look' too)

Mainly it's the lips I wanted to show you, it's L'Oreal and it's the Inallible Lip Duo Compact. I bought this a long time ago and haven't worn it in a while but I really like the colour. I'm not so mad about the texture and I can't see it on Boots website anymore so I think it's been discontinued and the texture is probably why. If you aren't careful it sort of flakes off and breaks up. You also have to put the colour on and wait ages before you can apply the balm on top - so that it doesn't break up. The colour does stay on well when it works though (I have swatched it before on my hand and literally had to scrub it off a day later!!) and whilst I wouldn't recommend trying to get your hands on it, the colour is beautiful. It's called Stay Ultraviolet and it's a pink but it has a violet hue to it. If I can find a lipstick that is a similar colour then I will definitely get it. Whilst I am normally a fan of L'Oreal only the colour did it for me on this one but this product did come out awhile ago so I reckon that they'll have found a better formulation for long-lasting wear now anyway.

If you know of any lipsticks that are a very similar colour please let me know!

I will have another post on lipsticks and many different colours soon so look out for that :)

Em xoxo


  1. Your dress is so cute!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) It's a good print, kind of works in any season I think... Well I'm going to wear it year round anyway! Em x

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I love the high neckline!


    1. It's literally suitable for any occasion! I can't wait to wear it more and more :)
      Em x

  4. This dress is gorgeous, suits you! Love Laura xxx A Scottish Lass ❤

    1. Thank you :)

      - Please come back and visit Emilia-Grace again soon! :)

      Em x


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