Sunday, 22 September 2013

Girl About Town

I bet there are so many people like me that read blogs all the time and dream of owning nearly every product they see. Ever since I started getting into makeup and especially since I started watching YouTube videos I have wanted Mac products. Not just one of them, all of them. Everything. If only I was a millionaire and not a student (that is needing to spend on books not mascara, although that hasn't really stopped me). When I realised that there might be a Mac in duty-free in the airport - lets just say I got a little bit excited, because actually it's embarrassing how excited I was... Normally I stop myself spending on high-end makeup. This was an opportunity not to be missed though, looking back and checking the prices I saved £10 in total on the 3 products. Warning - once you buy these products you may never be able to go back to the cheaper alternatives. I'm definitely going to have trouble!

Lets start with the first product that I knew I wanted and asked to try - foundation. I wasn't sure which one to get, i've heard of them all so I asked the lady on the counter (who was an absolute angel). I got her to colour test my skin and she chose NC25 which was a perfect match for my skin (pre-tan, now I have to add bronzer to match it up a bit but it looks good) The photo shows me the day after I got back from holiday so my tan was at it's strongest. The Mac makeup artist chose Mineralize foundation as I said I wanted a daily foundation with medium coverage. I really like it and have been wearing it a lot. It has a nice finish and stays on well. For me it's on the pricey side but I will definitely consider repurchasing. 

I said I wanted items that I would dress up or dress down, and I was definitely feeling the pink. The next item I chose was a blusher and wow I love it so much, it's a Sheertone Shimmer Blush and I bought the colour Dollymix. It's a beautiful bright pink. I apply it very very lightly if I am using it for daytime but the pigment is amazing and it's super easy to build up if you are going all out for a bright blush look. It's a really healthy glow and although it says shimmer - it's not shiny.

My favourite has come last though, I may never buy another brand of lipstick again. The staying-power of this lipstick is ridiculous. It's amazing and I would wear it everyday if I didn't not want to use it up that fast. I said I was on a pink theme - well this definitely lives up to that. The colour is Girl About Town and I literally wore it all afternoon and evening, including eating and drinking, without reapplying and when I went to bed it still looked amazing. I need to invest in some more, in fact I may make a promise to myself not to buy any more makeup for a bit so that I can save up for a couple more lipsticks. We will see though, i'll probably be tempted into getting something else! I need more of these beautiful things. I am honestly in love. Why I didn't buy one before, I don't know!?

So these were my little splurge before being back to uni. It may have left my bank a little sad but I am so happy with them and it was so worth it! I can't wait to try more looks with the lipstick and blusher and my other makeup. I'm sure you'll be seeing them soon! 

Have you had a little splurge recently? :) Any colours of Mac lipsticks you think I should try!?

Em x

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