Sunday, 29 September 2013

Get Ready With Me!

Lanzarote was amazing, and whilst I was there I thought i'd do something a little different. Rather than just showing you the finished face I decided to photograph it stage by stage - hopefully you can see the difference! I was getting ready to go for dinner and then we went for drinks after. Nothing too fancy :)

So this was after i'd washed my hair and I had literally done nothing apart from twist it up. During these photos the only thing I did to my hair was take it down, brush it and pin it back. 

↓This was after brushing my hair out, I have nothing on my face apart from cherry baby lips... My face looks so pale!

↓ I then got out my Clinique tinted moisturiser and put some of that on, at this stage I also added some Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. 

↓ Moving onto eyebrows and powder now - I used my GOSH eyebrow palette and some Stay Matte Rimmel Powder. I always feel like my face looks so much more 'done' when I have my eyebrows sorted out!

↓ I then put on my Rimmel Natural Bronzer and my MaXfactor Natural Glow Blush. I needed a lot of bronzer during the second half of my holiday and after. I'm still using bronzer instead of powder now and i've been back for around 3 weeks.

↓ And this is the final look!

I used my MaXfactor mascara Masterpiece Max and 24hour Colour Tattoo in Rose Gold. I only used these eyeshadows whilst I was away, they are so easy and so pretty, adding some colour and shimmer has never been easier!

I would have taken some better final photos but unfortunately my camera completely broke! When I got home from Lanzarote I actually had to go and buy a new camera. I blame the beach. The sand completely ruined it! This was the last photo that I managed to take on it, RIP purple camera.

Em x
I'm back at uni now, I'm going to see how it goes but i'm hoping to start doing two posts a week :) There will be a post about my freshers outfits soon though! Back to reality tomorrow...

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