Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Gorgeous Little Firecracker!

One of my trips away this summer was up to Birmingham to see my friends Louise and Lisa, I had a great time and whilst I was there I took advantage of the little bit of free time Lisa and I had, and I did her makeup before I had to leave to catch my train! I even just about had time to curl her hair and she did my face too!

Isn't she beautiful? I love her hair colour at the moment, such a gorgeous red (hence the use of 'firecracker' in the name of this post)- definitely a colour I want to try and get my hair to at some point! I've been red before and it's high maintenance but I don't think i've ever got to that red, her hair is a lot paler than mine naturally though. I curled her hair using a curling wand, something I have never used before! I normally use my GHDs but I have always wanted to use a wand and it turns out that I love it! I am not sure how easy I would find it on my own hair, especially at the length it is at the moment, but once it gets longer I will definitely consider purchasing one. I think with medium to short hair then it is likely you could burn yourself much more easily with a wand. Not that I need to curl my own hair really, that is it's natural state after all, but it does give a different curl. Now all I need is for my hair to get a move on and grow!

For Lisa's look I wanted shimmer, I used shimmery gold eyeshadows with a little grey around the crease for definition and then lined her eye, first with black eyeshadow and then over with kohl. I would tell you what products I used but it was a while ago and in my rush I didn't write them down! I also used some of her own makeup. It's quite an easy look to recreate with most makeup collections though, the colours are really quite standard that I think most people have. 

One product that I think I do remember using was my MaXfactor Blush in Natural Glow, I didn't use it strongly as I only wanted to add a tiny flush to the cheeks - more of a shimmer than a powerful colour. I wish i'd had a dark red toned eyeshadow to put on her eyebrows but we had to stick to blonde as that is what they naturally are and I didn't want to use dark brown. I wanted it to match her hair or be as natural as possible, there is no point changing the colour for no reason. 

I think this is a really pretty daytime look, that could easily be transformed into nighttime with the addition of even more red lipstick and liquid or gel liner. 

Lisa did a very similar look on me, with just a little more kohl under the eyes. Which I loved, it's nice to have someone else do your makeup once in a while when you're normally the one doing it! She said she hasn't done much makeup before on others - well you did amazingly Lisa :) Thankyou!

Oh and i'm going to make a habit of featuring friends dogs i've decided... So here is Joop, Louise's Jack Russell (yes, my friends all seem to have the same breed of dog at the moment, maybe I need new friends... teehee)

Isn't he a cutie!!

Hopefully next time I will be able to do Louise's makeup as well! I had a wonderful time in Birmingham and was really sad to leave but I had to come home and leave my lovely friends behind. 

When this post goes up I shall be on my last holiday of the summer, sunning myself in Lanzarote with my friend Zoe. I am so excited!! My travel makeup post will be up soon and I hope you have a lovely week, whether that is going back to school, staying at home or just the normal work week! I'm heading back to uni really soon after getting home from holiday so it'll be back to reality pretty fast!

Em x

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