Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halloween and Fireworks!

So of course there was halloween this week. I've never been a fan of trick or treating but I do like dressing up occasionally and having a bit of fun with making myself look odd. I wasn't planning on going out as to be honest I felt ill but the idea of staying in alone on Halloween, i'm not going to lie, freaked me out a little. So I got ready in about 15 minutes! Crazy huh? I had also bought a dress to wear already so I wanted to go. 

I used my 'winter' foundation (MaXfactor) with no bronzer and a little dark pink blusher (Collection 2000) I then used my black, grey and white trio (Seventeen) and built up around my eyes, I winged it out too to make a dramatic cat eye shape. I wish I'd had amazing contact lenses but I just realised while writing this that I could never wear them because I need to wear my normal contacts too! I then used my new favourite eyeliner (Collection 2000) I put it under my waterline too to make it extra dramatic. I used my favourite red lipstick (Jemma Kidd - Siren) and drew some blood coming off my lip with the lipstick... That was my attempt at being a vampire... I'm not sure I was a very amazing one to be honest but I didn't have long and at least I wasn't my predictable cat or bunny again...
I finished off the look by doing my eyebrows and powdering my face with my powder (Stay Matte - Rimmel) and finally A LOT of mascara. (MaXfactor False Lash Fusion).

My dress was the biggest bargain ever, £6 from and they do lots of colours and it wasn't even on sale!! It's called 'Kelly Cutout Side Cap Sleeve Knot Dress... What a name and a half for such a tiny dress! Loved it though and can't wait to wear it again.

For my hair i'm lucky that it's naturally massive. I just flipped my head, hairsprayed it and messed it up - done. 

Okay onto the fireworks, I thought i'd do a little OOTD for when I went out last night to see some! Wrapping up warm can be fun!

My coat is New Look and I bought it a couple of years ago, my headband is ASOS from last year I think and my scarf was H&M a few years back. My winter stuff doesn't tend to change much and I have no idea why! I guess it just lasts. I wore my normal Topshop Leigh jeans and I had a jumper on underneath my coat. My wellies were from a garden centre (again, a while ago...) and my mum bought me the wellie socks last year, I think they were from Amazon. I think scarves and coats can just be expensive and they do last so that's why I haven't bought new ones. I love some of the coats that are in shops now but I bought an expensive lighter weight coat for Autumn from Topshop a couple of months ago and I got a new leather jacket around then too so I can't really justify any more coats... (I don't say things like that with makeup though i've realised!! Woops...) My gloves are a new purchase - £5 ASDA, perfect. (Emilie's Outfit: Parka - Arc (probably shut down she says), Jumper - H&M, Gloves - Camden Market, Jeans - Topshop (same as mine but in black) and wellie socks - Millets.)

I did my makeup pretty quickly and I don't know why I went for a full face, it was pretty dark out! Anyway, I won't go through the whole look as I have done similar ones recently but I used some pretty colours out of my Elf Encyclopaedia palette but my secret weapon was putting on Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo first in On-and-on Bronze. I used it a bit like a primer and oh wow it makes a difference to the colour pay-off from eyeshadows. I'm on a hunt for the perfect cranberry colour before this winter is over! 

I hope you liked this post! I have a bit of a haul for you next week! You may even find a sneaky extra post this week, i'm on an essay writing hype at the moment but i'm doing okay and I hopefully will have got them done soon! 

Remember - Cranberry eyeshadows is Mac's one worth splurging on? Any dupes or cheaper ones?! (Cheaper is definitely better at the moment!!)

Em x

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