Sunday, 24 November 2013

Skincare - my new purchases!

This week i've really noticed that my skin needed some attention. My foundation has started showing the dry skin on my nose and really I just needed to hydrate my face as much as possible. I used to love my old moisturiser but I feel like it doesn't help my skin as much as it used to and I wanted to try something else. I went into Boots and headed to the No7 counter. I've heard good things about their skincare products and they do a good range. I got talking to the lady on the counter and she was really helpful, i'm totally aware that they are there to sell and that I can often get easily sucked in but she was genuinely very good and knowledgeable. 

Boots are doing an amazing 3 for 2 across pretty much everything at the moment and so every time I go in I end up with 3 things as I normally go in looking for 2 and then I figure as the third is free I may as well! I knew that I wanted some sort of mask product that is to be used once or twice a week and then a daily moisturiser. My third product (and my freebie) was an exfoliating scrub for my face. Getting the dirt out of your pores is really important but I wanted a gentle one as some can be a little abrasive and harsh.

Lets start with the product that i'm going to use daily, the moisturiser. I have only used it these products once so far but so far so good with this. It's light and sinks in quite quickly, something that didn't happen with my old moisturiser. Most of the products I got for dry skin but as it's a daily thing I didn't want to overload and the lady suggested the normal/oily one. It seems to work well with my foundation and I could tell the difference in the feel of my face when putting on my foundation after. Definitely liking this so far. Plus it has SPF15 which if you've read Emilia Grace before - you will know I think is a must.

The second product is the exfoliating scrub, all of these are part of the Beautiful Skin range and which has products for different skin types, this one is for normal/dry skin. It is gentle, as I hoped, but did feel like it made a difference. It was nice to use and it wasn't hard to wash off. I'm hoping that the claim of 'brighter skin' will come with more use.

Lastly the hydration mask. It looks so pretty in the pump bottle! One pump gives out quite a lot so I only used one but I think I may try using two next time as that sank in pretty quickly with no real excess (yay for not having to wash this product off!) and I felt that I could have covered my face a little more thickly to get even better results. I'm really hoping this makes a difference and as far as I can tell so far after using all these products the next day my foundation was catching less on the dry skin, in fact it was a lot less noticeable. 

Skincare is really important and I know that i'm lazy and use facewipes too much, if you can use a cleanser as this will take off your makeup and take it out of your pores a lot better. Facewipes can also affect the Ph balance of your skin and therefore cause breakouts and I definitely think that they don't help my dry patches on my face. Washing your face with just water and soap/face wash can also dry out your skin so in my opinion cleansers are a must. (I'm still using the cleansers I reviewed - here - mainly the Botanics one.)

Em x

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