Sunday, 27 October 2013

MaXfactor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara

For a long while now I have not strayed far from my trusted Maybelline 'The Falsies' mascara. I really liked it and I still do like it a lot. I started using it because of Tanya Burr and now it seems that I will only try a new mascara if it is one I have seen someone else use - i've had a few bad purchases with mascara in the past and they are expensive to replace! 

I wasn't intending to replace my mascara just yet but then I got conjunctivitis and definitely did not want it to keep coming back so I was forced to bin my old one and buy new. 

I took the opportunity to try a new mascara and break out of the habit... I chose MaXfactor's False Lash Effect Fusion because it promises volume and length, but mainly because I had seen Alix (click her name to see her blog) using it and saying that she loved it. Her eyelashes looked great so I thought i'd give it a whirl. Here is what I thought...

Apologies for the bad photo, the mirrored writing really didn't want to work in the lighting.
Okay so let's start by saying that I really like packaging, it's not too massive, it's just slightly chunkier than 'The Falsies'. The formula of this mascara is the next thing, it coats my lashes easily and doesn't go clumpy. If there is a small bit where too much mascara goes onto the lash then it is very easy to move. I am aware that I have quite big eyes and long lashes but this seems to keep them in place all day and they stay nice and curled up. It also seems to make them even longer (as it should because it does promise this!) Volume i'm not so sure about but I have tried building this mascara up and with a couple of coats it does seem really buildable so I guess you could get some good volume out of this mascara. (I don't very often go for the thick eyelashes look). 

Do you like my nails? Thought i'd go for some hearts. I realise that it is nearly halloween and it probably should have been pumpkins...
The brush is quite fat although nothing like the Rimmel Scandaleyes brush (orange packaging mascara - it's really fat) and also unlike Scandaleyes it doesn't get you in a mess. Well, for me it doesn't, the first time and then most other times I used Scandaleyes I got it all over the lid of my eye as well as my eyelashes... I have quite big round sort of eyes but I can see someone with more oval eyes finding this goes all over the bottom lashes and underneath. (If you have more oval, slightly smaller eyes and have tried this then please tell me what you think!)  I do like how this brush has a smaller end so you can get into the corners of your eyes more easily and it's actually not to bad for bottom lashes if you are careful. It's a plastic brush which i've previously often had issues with but this one is actually made very well. 

I think I will rate this mascara 9/10, I really enjoy using it and it has made me want to repurchase this but also try some other MaXfactor mascaras. They are on the higher end of the price scale in terms of drugstore brands but still a good bit cheaper than going for a high-end version. 

A little collage my Nexus tablet put together for me...

And finally an edited one off my camera...

Any favourite mascaras that I should try when I next purchase one?

Em x

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