Monday, 2 December 2013

Dior... I have Dior?!

Well this post is a little late as I was given this ages ago but I thought i'd share it with you now before I never do...

So it's a long story but basically my Dad knows a man who works for a company... you know, just a small one... it's called Dior. SAY WHAT? Anyway, I got all excited when he told me and then he told me the good bit, his friend was going to give him free makeup samples!! Do you understand my excitement here? I spend a lot on makeup but even I stop at Dior, well, I restrain myself anyway, it's just so expensive! I was so excited to see if it was worth the price...

I got a few goodies in a cute white makeup bag which I now use for my Mac lipsticks and the Dior stuff. Very useful although I regret to say it also has my Mac foundation in it and therefore lots of finger prints on it...

Look at this - how cute! It is actually tiny though, the eyeshadows are really small and to be honest I haven't used this set much because it's so tiny. I do like the colours though and the eyeshadows do come out nicely. The lip colours are good although I am not one for these type of lipsticks, when they are in a palette - if that makes sense!

Okay so this is my favourite thing that I was given. I love Dior mascara and I wish I could afford the full size version! It's just a very good lengthening mascara, if you build it up then it definitely can add volume as well! Definitely something I might save up for in the future.

I also received the makeup remover, Diorskin Airflash foundation, Capture Totale Multi-perfection Creme and Capture Totale Serum. 

The makeup remover I am yet to try as I don't want to open it just yet but I can tell you that the serum makes my skin feel smooth and nourished and generally just quite nice. I think you are meant to use the creme after but I tend to use them separately so as not to over-do it and also I only have small ones so I don't want to use them all up. 

Warning: the Airflash foundation WILL make you look like a satsuma/orangutan/oompa-loompa if you spray it too much like I did the first time I used it. If you've never used a spray foundation before (I hadn't) Think less is more... I didn't get to choose my colour so I'm not sure it is quite right for me anyway but if I am careful AND LIGHT HANDED with it then I can used this without looking like any of these things... I may do a makeup look using it at some point soon!

At the moment unfortunately I just plain and simple couldn't afford to buy any of these again, but if I did win the lottery then I do really like the creme especially and the serum so I would probably purchase them. They definitely aren't cheap and I think you can find very good affordable alternatives for any budget that doesn't stretch to £100 a face cream... eeek! You can get it from John Lewis for the bargain price of £114.30 Yeah. I know. Just 60ml of face cream... I have a sample size of 15ml in case you were wondering.

Em x

p.s Okay, i'm posting this on Monday but technically I wrote this a few days ago, forgot to finish it off and then now it's 12.41am and I just remembered... forgive me? :) x

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  1. You got some lovely things! I love the look of the palette x



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