Sunday, 8 December 2013


I love dancing and at uni I have had the opportunity to be in some shows. Show make-up I don't think is too different to normal makeup, it's just in this case - more is BETTER!

I had already put some foundation on in the morning, and essentially my 'basic makeup' some blush, powder, bronzer, mascara, lip balm and filled in my eyebrows. On stage your skin can get really washed out by lighting so I used my best foundation that has good coverage (although I know some other Mac foundation that is heavier in coverage) and is my more 'tanned' foundation - my Mac Mineralize foundation in NC25. So I put that on in the morning and again in the evening. 

Everything that I put on in the morning I repeated again whilst getting ready for the show. I used my Benefit Rockateur blush because I am still in love with the colour and my normal Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Natural Bronzer. MaXfactor False Lash Effect mascara is my everyday mascara and I find it to be easily buildable although sometimes I find plastic mascara wands don't reapply (once the mascara is dry) as well as ones with more of a 'brush' I used it anyway as I think it works well on me, I curled my lashes in the morning and put on a good amount and then managed to build it up later to make them more dramatic. I did a few of the girls makeup which was fun and I used the same eyeshadow palette for us all with my mac 217 brush - I didn't manage to pack much in my bag as it was pretty full. I used my Lola & Belle palette, the same one as I use for my eyebrows. 

We wanted it to be quite a neutral look as we were all having red lips so I used a shimmery brown eyeshadow and a nude colour to add some light on the inner third. On a couple of the girls I added some black on the crease but only lightly, just because some eye shapes need more definition. I used a Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel although I didn't look at which one although I guess it was 001 because that's the brightest red I think? I actually really liked it, I quite like my Jemma Kidd red lipstick and it's the only red I own but it's a little darker. I think I will definitely consider buying a Kate Moss lipstick, it seemed to stay on quite well although it did smudge a bit. 
You can see some girls getting ready! Showtime is one of my favourite things - I love the atomosphere :)

I think I may have converted a couple of girls to doing their eyebrows with powder (or doing them at all!) They seemed to like it. I totally could never go back to using a pencil, I just think powder looks so much more natural and nicer. 

Tasha very kindly let me do her makeup :) Sorry about the lighting!
I powdered my face once more before I went on stage and I was done! If I had thought about it then I would have brought false eyelashes, I generally wear them for shows but didn't think to buy any. I need to buy some but i'm yet to decide which ones I want to try!

These photos are all from my phone (apart from a couple that Lucie kindly took on her camera) as I forgot my camera so I apologise for the quality of most, the lighting was rubbish too...

Em x

Both the skirt and the top are from H&M :)

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