Sunday, 15 December 2013

Festive Look: OTT Party

Hey girlies,

I love Christmas and I love how there is always an opportunity to party or get dressed up at Christmas! I've had a few Christmas things recently and I have another couple before Christmas so I thought I'd show you a few festive looks! 

This is the first one of the series and I think you'll agree, it's quite over the top/colourful!  Whatever you want to call it! I was going to a society meeting so to be honest it was quite OTT but it was fun to do and would be good for a party! Basically I was procrastinating from my essays...

I'll show you what I used and a few pictures!

As you can see, my bronzer and powder are disappearing and I may have been out to buy replacements so more of that soon! My MaXfactor foundation is also running out so I'm going to have to find another foundation that I can wear everyday. I love my Mac but I need to try and save it for special occasions (mainly because of the price!) I have been wearing it a lot recently...

Back to the look... I used pretty much the same makeup as I wear everyday except I added eyeshadow and lipstick. Festive doesn't always mean red!

I normally stay away from blue eyeshadow... far far away, but something drew me to the blue in this palette. Elf's Beauty Encyclopaedia. 

I used the blue and a bit of the green on the inner third to add some dimension to the eye.

So here is a very strange facial expression from me without makeup...

And this is what happened!

If you are using blue eyeshadow here is my warning
To be on the safe side DO NOT go above your crease. It depends on the shape of your eye but when you open your eye you don't want it to be very visible. When I open my eyes you can only really see a tiny bit of colour and this is what you want but it works differently on different eyes so I recommend not going above your crease. It's a dramatic colour and you can look like you're going to a 60's disco if you aren't careful. 

I used my Mac lipstick in Captive, I really like it together! It's a bit of a clash but it's a plummy enough colour to work. I love colour at christmas - if you looked at my christmas tree you'd see where I get my inspiration from!

Next time definitely won't be quite as OTT! I think I shall do a slightly less vibrant look, something a little classy perhaps? Although I do love fun bright makeup!

Em x

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