Friday, 11 April 2014

Blush || Bourjois Haul Product Two

This is the second product out of three in my Bourjois haul and it's a blush. I do love a good blush.

I didn't use the brush to do this swatch, to get more pigment I used my finger tip - but don't do that on your cheeks!
Blush 95 Rose De Jaspe / Jasper Rose

It's a pretty shimmery pink and it's a colour I often wear. I have one similar at one but the lid broke off (it's also one of these Bourjois Blushes). I'm yet to check if it's exactly the same colour but it was their limited edition 'paris' one I think. Anyway, I loved that but because I can't take it anywhere I wanted a close replacement to go in my makeup bag. I love the size of these blushes - they last ages and although I hate the brushes they come with - at least if you are really stuck you can use it. I use my normal Real Techniques brush which doesn't pick up so much pigment from this formula of blush unless you swirl it quite a lot but I don't mind building it up this way. 

It's super pretty and I love a good deep pink blush, the shimmer makes it more wearable than a matte colour in this shade, in my opinion anyway. It's not glittery but it does add a little highlight.

I'm really happy with this and although this was my free product in the promotion I definitely would buy these blushes and it was the main reason I bought the other products. 

If I get any vouchers for Boots for my birthday (I'm 21 exactly a month today!!) I will definitely be heading back to Bourjois Blushes and consider another one, although the list of what I want is long... Not to mention that I should be using any vouchers I get on essentials to save me money for my year abroad!!

Oh well!

Em x

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