Sunday, 6 April 2014

MaXfactor Colour Elixir Lip glosses

Blogging on a Sunday again? Yay! 

Sorry, I just momentarily had to congratulate myself for actually getting to blogging in amongst essay writing / creative writing (it's deadline week...). Anyway! I have a product for you that I just have to show you right now. I wore one of these out last night and it reminded me exactly why I bought them! It's not one of the things I bought the most recently (they will be blogged soon!) but in fact I bought these a few weeks ago when I went home and went shopping in Reading with my lovely Mum. 

I went to the MaXfactor stand in search of a new mascara - which I also bought but it's practically a repurchase as I have already talked about it on here but my previous version was the small sample one that you get free when they do promotions. It's the Masterpiece MAX Mascara (yes they write it like that on Boots website so I have copied...) and I love it even more now I have the full size version even though the brush is exactly the same. 

So I'm at the stand and I spot these lip glosses - the lady came over, as usual did the 'oh these are new and amazing' etc etc etc thing. I wanted a nude lipstick at the time (more about that soon) but hadn't had any luck and these looked like the perfect nude colours, they brand them as being non-sticky but high shine and I thought, perfect! the formula looked good when I opened a tester and I thought about it for a bit before deciding I definitely needed to try one. With the mascara and the lipgloss I could get a third item free so I decided to go for another lip gloss because, well let's just say I had been standing there a long time trying to choose just one colour out of the four available (the lady told me there are more coming soon!). If I remember rightly there were two more shimmer shades and two matte so I went for one of each. 

Wow my hand looks such a different colour!! I promise you - I haven't edited these at all! I think I only have Radiant Rose on my hand in the picture on the left as I was testing lighting but it really shows the shine factor!

I got Pristine Nude (more tan / matte colour, this does give a more 'nude' colour to the lips and is perfect for when you aren't wearing much make up and just want a simple look) and Radiant Rose (shimmery, very high shine without being over-powering pale pink, I would say that it doesn't really give a pigmented colour on the lips as much as it gives shine and a pretty look)

I love these, you do have to reapply them throughout the day if you want to keep the colour/shine but they look super pretty and I wear them all the time. The packaging is simple and nice, the applicator is a good shape and applies well and £7.99 isn't too much of a purse busting price really. There are so many cheap lip glosses out there but I think this is worth the price and I can't wait for more colours because I'll definitely be thinking about getting more! I think my next lip gloss purchase may have to be a Tanya Burr one though... Any recommendations?! I quite fancy a red lip gloss? My only red is getting a little old...

Em x

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