Sunday, 27 April 2014

Liner Stylo || Bourjois Haul Product 3

So this is the final part of the Bourjois haul!

I'm not sure why I chose to write about this last... it's not my favourite out of the products but saying that, it's not a bad kohl liner. 
When I use a black pencil liner the place I tend to use it is on my waterline (under my eyes) and this doesn't have the colour intensity that I would like for that, I much prefer my waterproof Barry M liner. I think the colour is much richer and stays put better.
However, if you are someone that uses kohl above your top lashes then this is a good product and blends easily and then doesn't smudge too much. I just tend to use liquid liner above my eye unless i'm using brown pencil. 

I do however wish that the Barry M one was a twisty one that you didn't have to sharpen. It's so much easier. There's nothing worse than a blunt eyeliner.

Em x

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