Thursday, 3 October 2013

Freshers! (Well, Re-Freshers for me...)

I got back to uni just over two weeks ago but last week was the official Freshers week for my University. Last year was great but it's a totally different situation when you already know the people you are living with and going out with. This year my housemates and I went out every night (minus one where we had a few friends over) during the week and went to different bars and clubs. This of course meant loads of different outfits! There was one night where my housemates ended up shouting at me to stop changing my mind as I must have put on about 10 different outfits before eventually deciding! I haven't done many OOTN's (Can I call it that? Outfit Of The Night?! Sounds a bit weird...)  on here so I hope you like it. I'm sat here feeling pretty rubbish right now, freshers flu has hit me hard but last week was definitely worth it!

Anyway, here are some of the photos from my re-freshers! 


This was the Monday night, unfortunately my camera didn't make it out of it's case on the Saturday and Sunday before! The guy in the bottom right photo is Ashley my housemate. I love this dress so much, it's Lipsy and I bought it off ASOS, i'm pretty sure it was in the sale. It's a satin material and I was worried it was a little dressy to wear out but the girls told me I had to and so I did. I hadn't worn it before so that just made it better - I've had it ages too, I bought a few dresses at once and i've still got one dress from that order that I haven't worn. When I do I shall be sure to do a post! I've been waiting for a good night out to wear this one! I even tried to straighten my hair as it looks better longer with strapless dresses. 


School Disco night was on the Wednesday, this year I managed to forget my old school tie that I would normally have added to my outfit. I also used a more 'school-like' shirt for the same event last year. I think I went for a slightly more St Trinian's look this time! I have had that skirt a very very long time! It's Tammy from BHS I think and it's for height 163cm... I am now 180cm. So it's very short and I had my material Topshop shorts on underneath! I actually don't know how this skirt still fits but it's the most school like skirt I have apart from Bodycon ones so it is great for dress up. I wasn't wearing the headband at first but I saw it and just had to wear it. I had already done my makeup so I probably would have worn red lipstick if I had known. I am wearing my favourite lipstick here though... find out more here.


This was the Thursday - the only night we didn't actually end up going out! I took photos because I thought I was going out but we ended up sitting in my housemates room with a few drinks instead of heading out to the bar that we were originally planning on. The necklace is the cutest thing, it's a giraffe! My friend Tess got it for me from Forever 21 whilst she was in the USA. My hair wasn't doing what I wanted it to that day so I tied it up and plaited back the front. The jeans are Topshop Leigh Jeans, I have a couple of pairs of these and they are the only style i'm wearing at the moment! They have the long length for me and they fit well, or as well as I seem to be able to find on my budget...


Friday night and we were heading to a house party, with all good intentions of going out into town after but we didn't end up doing that. In terms of outfits it seemed like the night for wearing black, I had my new leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins and my Topshop bodycon skirt. I couldn't wear all black though, I needed some colour so I wore a loose vest top from H&M which as you can see is quite a bright pink! The girls are my other housemates :) Emilie and Zoe. I definitely didn't remember to tell them that I needed photos for my blog so these are just ones that we took while getting ready and weren't quite the shots i'd normally use on here!

Em x

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