Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and Balmi!

If you've read any of my previous blog posts where I have listed what products I have on my face you will know that I have been wearing Collection 2000 concealer. It's been my 'go-to' concealer for ages now and I was planning on repurchasing again. However, I went into Boots in the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford and I couldn't find the stand for it anywhere! As far as my friend and I could tell there was no stand for Collection (as I think it is now called) anywhere in the store. Now please correct me if i'm wrong and you've been there but I couldn't see it. I shall stop rambling now and tell you about what I bought instead.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory.
 I totally didn't test it, I just picked up ivory and thought that looks about right and put it in my basket... Luckily I think it's fine. It even look a tiny bit darker in the bottle than my old concealer and luckily when I tried it on later it looked fine. 

I've worn it all day and I have to say i'm please with it, the applicator is what I like (I tend to use my finger to move it and pat it under my eyelids) and the consistency is good, not cakey or too thick. It also seems to have a good wear time, I wore it all day in the heat and it seemed to survive well. I've seen it everywhere and it seems to have become quite a well-known concealer so I apologize if this is the seventy-millionth blog post you've seen about it. I really like it though and although it's more expensive than the collection stuff I will see how it goes but I think this is fast becoming my new favourite.

I have another new favourite that I also picked up yesterday (I have many more things that I bought but I haven't tried them yet). 

It's called a 'balmi' and it is basically the coolest looking lip balm ever and it makes my lips feel super soft!
It sort of screws shut which is good because i'm confident it won't open in my bag. I got the strawberry flavour, originally I was going to get mint but when I was in Boots they only had Strawberry (I think the other option there was raspberry and i'm not a fan.) 

I like the smell, the taste, the packaging and the effect it has on my lips. It seems nourishing and it also has spf which was actually what I was looking for in the first place (a nourishing SPF lip balm). 

So I am pretty pleased with these purchases :) More soon!

Em x

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