Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cleansing Time!

When I went to Graduate Fashion Week at the beginning of June I picked up a goodie bag when I bought a couple of copies of Company magazine. It came with quite a lot of good stuff and this was probably my favourite product in the bag. I have been thinking a lot about trying to keep my skin clear for the summer and recently I seem to have a bit of a breakout. My skin is generally okay apart from sometimes around my mouth and eyebrows where I have a tendency to get spots that don't want to surface but just sit under the skin, make it taught and hurt. 

I was excited to try this as I haven't ever used a cleansing oil before!
Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC
For 30ml - £4.50 (

It's by a brand called DHC which I haven't heard of before but after a quick Google search I have done a little reading up on it. It says that the cleanser will leave your face feeling 'fresh and clean' and it contains vitamin E and hydrating olive oil. The thing I most wanted it to do though was to 'dissolve makeup, dirt and other impurities' as sometimes I feel that normal cleansers just wash over the top and fail to completely get rid of everything that my skin accumulates (or that I put on it...)

My verdict? Well it does leave my skin feeling lovely and clean and smooth. It says avoid direct contact with eyes as do most wash off cleansers, so I still need to use another cleanser to completely remove my eye makeup but I do feel like this gets into my skin and takes off the makeup and dirt that otherwise might stay there. I love the feeling of massaging this into my face with my fingertips, it's really very relaxing. I think there are smells that I would prefer but it's not a bad smell at all.

I am awful at using a cleanser that I have to wash off everyday, I am one for makeup wipes, and if I have time then i'll use a separate eye/face cleanser on a cotton wool pad (more on that later) to properly remove as much as possible and leave my skin fresh. I shall be trying to use this every other day or at least a few times a week though, taking care of your skin is so important, without a good base everything else looks awful so I am taking proactive measures from now! I've been using moisturiser with spf everyday for years but I have been lazy with makeup removal.

Onto the product that I use on lazier days and especially to remove my eye makeup.

Botanics Softening Cleanser by Boots. 
For 250ml - £4.99 (Although at the moment it is on sale for £3.49)

It isn't an actual 'eye makeup remover' but I find that it's gentle enough for my eyes to take. Even if you find you can't use it on your eyes it's a very good face cleanser. The best thing is that you don't need to wash it off! Washing your face can be such a pain especially if you get in late or just really want to go to bed and so I love having options. It does say avoid contact with eyes but I just make sure I keep mine shut or if I open them then I am extra careful not to actually get the product in my eye. 

It's quite strongly scented, as the name suggests the smell is quite botanical and 'planty' (that's not a word but it is kind of flowery but not exactly floral...) It is in the organic range of the Botanics collection by Boots (I believe that there are several collections and i'm definitely planning on looking at the rest!) If you like organic things then this is good for you, it's 82% organic and they worked with Kew Gardens to create it. 

It has a creamy texture and definitely removes makeup well and doesn't dry my skin out too much. I'm using Primark facewipes at the moment and I like them but I don't think they are quite as hydrating as my old facewipes so I think using a little of this after to take off the final bits of makeup on a regular basis is good for my face. 

I'm really enjoying using both of these products, it's nice to have a change and I will definitely think about repurchasing them when the time comes.

Em x
I'll be on holiday when this post goes up as I am going camping with friends so the next couple of posts will be prewritten and scheduled. Unfortunately I can't take my Macbook camping... (the fact that there is no WiFi in fields doesn't help either...) I shall be doing a few OOTDs when I am camping so I look forward to getting back and sharing those with you! I hope you are enjoying your summer :)

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