Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summers Day OOTD - Going to London

On Saturday last weekend I went to see Shakespeare, well, I went to see one of the plays that he wrote anyway. It's one of my favourites, A Midsummer Nights Dream, although I wasn't expecting much. It was a free play for charity in Russell Square Gardens and you never expect much when things are free, right?

So anyway, the play was amazing and very well done and myself and my friend Zoe thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Zoe had mentioned the night before about possibly wearing her new maxi dress (Primark is now on ASOS - woohoo!) and so I decided to do the same and wear my new Jane Norman one. However when I put it on in the morning I decided I felt a little 'revealed' in it for walking round London all day. Retrospectively it would have been fine but anyway, I came up with this

Dress (ASOS) Top (Topshop -sale item) Belt (Had it for ages, so I have no idea...)  Sandals (Shoe Zone, I think...)

It's really very simple, I put a short tight fitting lace crop top over the top of the bandeau dress... and I quite liked the look of it.It was a bit annoying that the belt kept separating from the top leaving a gap but it was easy to fix and the outfit was pretty comfy. The belt may have come off after a MASSIVE meal in Covent Garden Zizzi's though...

I'm hoping the weather stays like this...

Em x

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