Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Camping Part Two: Floral Headbands and Hoodies

It's time for the second instalment of photos from my 10 days away camping... 

The weather fluctuated so much during the time away that I had to pack for all eventualities! The second half of the holiday was a little warmer during the day, so these outfits are a little more summery. I love having a tan, I don't want to bake myself but a little bit of a tan always makes me feel a little more glowy! So there was a bit of sunbathing going on...

Outfit 1: 

Hair-tie - Primark, Blazer - New Look, Dress - Primark, Sunglasses - H&M.

Maxi dresses are one of my favourite things. We went for a day out to Bournemouth and this was what I decided to wear. It was cheap and I really like the pattern, it's elasticated and doesn't really need the belt to pull it in. Really the belt is just to break up the pattern a little. The blazer is great, it's versatile and the nude pink colour goes with most things. I'm pretty sure i've shown it on here before. At the campsite I was wearing a hoody, as shown in the photo of Lisa and I a couple of photos above. As it was a little warmer but I preferred the slightly smarter version for going out. The bow in my hair was a very recent purchase, I had bought it about 20 minutes before.  It's cute, although I have to be careful how I wear it so that I don't look too childlike! I hadn't actually seen myself in a mirror before these photos so that's why my hair is a little bit of a mess!

Outfit 2:


Crop top - Topshop, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - New Look, Floral Headband - Primark.

Bandeau top - New Look, Shorts - Topshop.

This outfit was a little different. We spent the morning in Swanage and didn't fancy doing too much wandering as we had done quite a lot by this time! So we decided to sit somewhere and relax, as the weather was gorgeous I decided it was definitely time to sunbathe! I didn't want to wear an outfit quite as revealing around town, so I wore the top and skirt over the top of the bandeau and shorts. It turned out to be a very good plan as it was a little windy and my skirt didn't want to protect my modesty! The shoes were a new purchase, my Rocket Dog trainer things are getting really worn out and so I needed another sturdy pair of shoes (by sturdy I mean better than pumps...) I enjoyed lying in the sun for a while and the view was beautiful as you can see! 

The really annoying thing? I managed to slightly burn after I had put my top back on and therefore got the t-shirt tan line I had been desperately trying to avoid!! Looking at it now though it looks fine, there isn't much of a tan line anymore... Yay!

After our nice day relaxing and buying presents for people we went to a pub that we rather like (there is at least one trip to The Square and Compass every year) This time was nice, although they had some rather loud live music with dancing and the place was packed so there were no seats. It is the smallest pub ever, the bar is basically a door. There are rooms inside but with the nice scenery no one really stays inside unless the weather is bad. I enjoyed my white wine spritzer whilst chatting and enjoying the view so it was worth sitting on the ground! You can kind of see the slightly pink burn on my chest... Sun cream is really important (obviously I should have thought have that before being out in the sun all day).

Outfit 3:

Top - H&M (although I can't find the nice strapless ones anymore!) Trousers - Primark (bought them years ago, there is another post on these here) Hoody - Topshop.

We went to a dog show and it was pretty sunny, although as i'm always over cautious I took a hoody and i'm glad I did. There was a London double decker bus which I thought was a little random but fun to photograph on. Unfortunately Bella was not 6 months old so we couldn't enter her in any of the classes but we met a lot of cute dogs and lots of people fussed over her. It was at an animal sanctuary so we also saw some amazingly cute kittens, cats, horses and rabbits etc. After the dog show we went to the beach, Lisa and her Dad went out in the dinghy whilst Karl and I laid on the beach reading. I was reading The Devil Wears Prada on my kindle, which I finished whilst on holiday, and throughly enjoyed. The film is great, the book is different but well worth a read. I'm onto the sequel now!

Outfit 4:

You may have noticed that the floral headband and hoody had become quite staple to my wardrobe in the second half of the holiday... The hoody was the first thing I grabbed and the floral headband, well, I just really love it (and it was new...) This was me in the car back from holiday, The top is actually a peplum top and I was wearing my normal blue Topshop Leigh Jeans. I thought i'd wear it to try and keep the holiday vibe going! I don't think it worked that well as the horrendous rain and extra long journey put a bit of a dampner on that but it is a gorgeous top that I am definitely taking on my next holiday (in two weeks time - yay!)

Every night we had a campfire going, mainly to cook on but the heat was nice on the cold evenings too! It took me a while to get a decent photo but this is what I got!

Okay, well that is the end of the outfits from my camping trip! I hope you enjoyed seeing my choices and that maybe it's given you a few ideas. I am going to try and take a few outfit photos on my next holiday which will be quite different as it's Lanzarote!! :) I love choosing outfits for holiday although packing is hard work. This time I have a weight limit for the flight so that'll be interesting. At least I don't need to pack my onesie or too many hoodies this time!

Em x

Thanks again to Karl and Lisa for some of the photos!


  1. looks like you had fun camping!

  2. Looks like fun, looking pretty with the floral crown, I soo want one now!!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



  3. i loved being a photographer, i even fought karl for the camera haha and gave you my dog for the photos haha,
    love having you come on the family hols wouldnt be the same without you :)
    lots of love
    lisa x


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