Sunday, 18 August 2013

Yes, I actually went camping...

A few years ago I would have been the first one to say that I am not a girl that would enjoy camping... Three years ago I was invited along to go camping with my friend and his family (who are basically my second family) and I decided to give it a go... We went down after his family was already there and stayed for a couple of nights before heading back. Last year we went for a few more nights and this year it progressed to actually staying the entire time, I actually managed to camp for 10 days! Amazing.

Anyway, whilst I was away I made sure to photograph my outfits and my makeup to show you. Camping means that outfits need to be comfy and practical but I didn't want to live in trackies (so I didn't take any). Also, layers are important as the weather changes so much over the day and lets face it, you're outside. The hot weather had also left the UK by the time I was away so that made life a little trickier. I could only take minimal makeup with me (a suitcase just for makeup isn't acceptable apparently...) so I was careful with what I packed. 

Sidenote - onesies are lifesavers.

This is going to have to be done in more than one blog post as otherwise it's going to be SUPER LONG. Here goes the first part... (come back this Wednesday for the second instalment!)

Outfit 1:

Dress - ASOS, Leggings - Topshop, Sandals - Forever 21, Sunglasses - H&M. 

This dress is so comfy although when worn out of the house it really needs leggings on me because it's so short. Someone shorter than me could probably get away with it though.The puppy definitely became part of my outfit on holiday and you'll see her a few more times in this. Her name is Bella and she's a Jack Russell. She was 18 weeks when these pictures were taken so she was only a baby! Unfortunately she's my friends dog but I took every available opportunity to walk her and cuddle her. 

Outfit 2:

Onesie - ASDA, Shoes - New Look. (Jeans aren't mine... Puppy was on my friends lap.)

This onesie was an absolute bargain. It may not be an outfit that i'd wear out but I wore it every evening on holiday. It was only £12 and it's footless so it didn't get dirty. That's the thing with footed ones - if you are outside they just get mucky unless you have wellies on or you shove your feet into shoes but that's hard. It's totally comfy and warm. I bought it just before the heatwave a few weeks ago so I thought I would have to wait to wear it but the sun never lasts here so it was a very good buy!

Outfit 3:

Stripy Jumper - Mango, Dress - Miso (I can't remember the shop... Does Republic stock Miso?), Shoes - Rocket Dog, Leggings - Topshop. Hoody - Custom made for my Dance Class.

This is a classic example of layering for camping, it is also a classic example of how rough I looked at points! I was on holiday - i'm totally allowed to not style my hair properly or put much makeup on. At some points I needed the hoody and at other points I just wore the jumper over the dress. I love this dress, it's girly and the red wine, burgundy colour is one of my favourites for clothing. It's a simple comfy outfit and I don't think it looks half bad. I think this was the day that we went to a place called Splashdown which is basically a waterpark with lots of fun waterslides and that would explain the lack of makeup and the messy hair...

Outfit 4:

Top - H&M, Leggings - A cheap clothing shop that I think is just a one off in my town, Handbag - New Look.

This is me in my compartment of the tent. There is a running joke that wherever I go with my stuff, I will always create a pile (of clothes). So I apologise for the mess in the first picture! I love the top that i'm wearing, it's so bright. It's really loose and I can imagine myself wearing it for dance. (I have the black version of this top too). I think I look really young in the photo of me and puppy... I let my friend Lisa do my hair later on that day and the photo is of her creation. I liked the look - especially with my old ombré hair. I've done it myself before. It's practical and I think I even left it in and kept it the next day (I just redid the bun a bit, I definitely don't sleep still enough to keep it all neat).

There are several more looks to show you, including all about my 'travel makeup', but I think I will wrap this post up now as it's been a long one!

Em x

Massive thank you to Karl and Lisa for being my brilliant photographers!

Also, I am aware this isn't beauty related although she is a beautiful girl, but I have been loving Lauren Aquilina's music recently and I have actually been lucky enough to meet her (at her ep launch for this song). Please have a listen to this - Lauren Aquilina - Sinners.

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