Monday, 21 October 2013

So I went to the hairdressers and this happened.

I went home for the weekend last week and although it was a flying visit I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the hairdressers. It had been six weeks since my last and I don't know when i'll be popping back home again till Christmas so I decided to go for it and get it done then. So I booked it whilst at uni for early on the Saturday morning when I'd be home after travelling on the friday night.  

When I got to the hairdressers I was only going to have it trimmed a little but as I was talking to my lovely hairdresser Rachel I could really see the discolouration of the ends of my hair in the light. I've noticed it a lot recently but didn't realise how bad it had got. The blonde from the bleach (dip dye) started to come back through quite quickly after I used the permanent dye on it in August and this point (early October) I couldn't really ignore it anymore. To most people the ends probably just looked a bit lighter but if you put the ends of my hair against the rest of it then the difference had actually become quite pronounced. 

This is the clearest and most recent photo that I can find of how it looked before. You can see here how the ends are quite a lot lighter. I decided to get Rachel to colour my hair whilst I was there. As I hadn't booked it in she had to work out if she could fit me in but luckily she could just about do it. I wanted it to be a red brunette sort of colour. I couldn't decide how red to go but i ended up going for quite a natural looking colour. I wish I could tell you what its called but I don't know and I think Rachel added in a little more red.

This was the day that I got my hair cut and coloured... I love it when they straighten it. It's the only time my hair actually goes properly straight. It came out a bit darker than I expected but that's because my hair actually takes colour quite well (at least for the first couple of weeks...) and most colours come out darker on my hair. Also it's not as red as I would have liked - definitely going more red next time. It does show well in bright light but in normal indoor light it just looks dark brown.

Unfortunately the only good photos I have of my hair at the moment are those that were taken on the day. The next photo shows my hair whilst its drying and going curly after a shower... It looks even darker because it's still partially wet!

This one was from Saturday night, before going out. Unfortunately the colouring is awful (I tried to filter it to make it better on instagram - it didn't work) but you can see how my hair is all one colour now... Yay!

Slightly off topic (you can see my hair in this too though...) but how cute is this face paint that was done for me at my University nightclub! Ahhh, everyones was different but they all looked amazing. She asked what I wanted and I was like eerr pink and purple!? It's gorgeous. I wish I had taken my camera and not just my phone as the quality would have been so much better to show you! It was really glittery and i'm sure I still have glitter in my hair now.

I think i'll do a haircare routine post soon to follow this up... I'm really hoping this doesn't fade too fast as i'm not getting it done again until just before Christmas. I decided that I would treat myself to having it done at the hairdressers again. I always feel like my hair stays in better condition than when I do it myself. If you're wondering what they did when they cut it - the answer is not a lot. I literally wanted the very ends taken off. Just enough to make sure I don't get split ends and so that it got neatened up a bit. 

Em x

P.s I know it's a Monday and I normally post on a Sunday... I was super ill, forgive me? Thank you :)

pps. I found some photos on my webcam that aren't great quality at all but kind of show the red a little more... 

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