Sunday, 13 October 2013

Love: Zara Champs Elysees Perfume

I love perfume, I asked for perfume for my birthday (which I posted about here) and I had previously got perfume that I had also asked for for Christmas (Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck) which I adore. Whilst away camping we went to Bournemouth and I popped into Zara. For some reason I ended up looking at the perfumes. They are actually really well priced and I fell in love with one of the scents. I really liked a few of them actually but there was one that really stood out.

I didn't buy it right away as I didn't want to break it whilst camping but I did end up buying it when I got back, I also bought it for my best friend as part of her 21st Birthday present. It smells SO good! As you can see it's called Champs Elysees Paris and they also have a Milan one which is pink and smells really good too, I bought that as another present for someone else. I love how they look like a sort of shimmery liquid silk (okay that's a weird description...) in the bottle! I haven't noticed a shimmer once it's sprayed onto my skin but it makes it look really special in the bottle. They also do a larger version than this which isn't too much more expensive and it has a fragrance pump which is super cute. This size comes nicely packaged in a box and the bottle is simple and classic, it looks very elegant on my shelf.

At just under £10 these perfumes are really affordable and I will definitely repurchase this and buy some others soon! I have had it since the beginning of August and so you can see how much I have used since then! I always get compliments when wearing this perfume and it's become something I wear daily. I still love my Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and definitely need to check out her other perfumes but I think this has taken over for daily use. My Armani Code perfume is still my evening scent for special occasions.

If you are interested in fragrance notes and things it has Bergamot , Jasmine, Vanilla, Patchouli and Caramel notes and it's branded as an 'oriental fragrance'.

So now you need to run to your nearest Zara and go check their fragrances out!

Em x

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