Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'll Captivate you with my Mehr.

I mentioned in my last week that freshers flu had hit and I felt rubbish? Well I didn't realise at the time but I had also got conjunctivitis. Perfect. My eyes are just about getting back to their normal colour now and don't hurt so much but it's meant that I can't wear eye makeup at the moment. It also means that I need to throw away my mascaras... I'm not sure how long the bacteria can be in your eye before it comes up and i've been using a few lately so I think I'm going to have to start again. Just when I'd told myself that i'm not allowed to buy any more makeup for a bit! (You'll see why in a second). Anyway, so after this little ramble lets get on with the post. 
On Thursday night this week there was a Student Shopping Night where I live. You sign up for free and get a wristband and there are discounts at loads of stores. I could have gone crazy and bought so much but I made myself choose one thing and only go to get that. I chose, surprise surprise - makeup. Not just any sort of makeup but MAC Lipstick. MAC never has sales so to get any discount is great (hence my recent purchases in duty free!), 10% off and i'm not complaining. I may have said to myself that i'd only get one but I honestly couldn't decide after spending about half an hour trying them all on. So I bought two. Yay! The girl at the counter was like, "well what are student loans for?" My reply of "food" made her laugh. These two lipsticks came to about the same amount as a weekly shop for me! But they are amazing, and beautiful and long-lasting and... I could go on but let me show you first!

The first colour I chose was Captivate, which is the darker of the two shades I picked up. It's a Satin finish and I love the slightly purple colouring. I find that I rarely like pale pinks and nudes on me, deeper, richer colours are normally my favourites. 

I love the richness in this colour and the satin finish means isn't too glossy which I like. Apparently the satin finishes are also one of the more conditioning formulas - I nearly picked one of the Mineralize Rich Lipsticks as they are meant to be very conditioning (I am yet to try one properly myself) but I ended up choosing this. 

I actually quite like this makeup with no eye makeup, I think it can hold it's own and look pretty by itself. A little mascara would be perfect and I would wear it daytime and it would be very easy to change into a more nighttime look. 

The second colour I ended up buying is called Mehr, I couldn't decide between the two as they are so different. In the end it was the discount that made me buy both on the same day. Along with the fact that I love them!

The matte finish to this lipstick is what makes me not mind that it actually comes out as a relatively pale pink. I like pink glosses but pink glossy lipsticks and I never get along for some reason. The other 'matte' lipstick I own is the Revlon Suede Look Lipstick and the MAC matte formula is slightly more comfortable matte to wear. It's smoother on the lips. 

This lipstick is absolutely perfect for daytime which was what I wanted. I actually really like this without eye makeup but normally I would wear a little. It's a pretty natural colour and with a pretty pink blush it's gorgeous. This would be lovely with a smokey eye for a night out. (Note that these photos are all taken in direct sunlight... the colour is a little darker than this I reckon when not facing a window!)

Mehr                                                          Captivate

I love these jeans (Leigh, Topshop), I was just having a lazy day in so I just put on a loose comfy top which is an old H&M one, I used to wear it for Sixth Form and it has pearls over the top half. The Topshop hoody was a later addition because I got cold and it was the first thing I saw! (I'm wearing Captivate in these photos)

As you can see, i'm a little obsessed with lip colour right now... Actually, I always have been and I think I always will be! I'm totally tempted to try the Rihanna collection for MAC now, not just because the lipsticks look gorgeous but because the whole collection looks amazing. That might have to wait though, hopefully it'll be in stores for a while although i'm not sure how long! Have you tried it?!

Em x

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