Sunday, 30 June 2013

Barry M Wink & Pencil Sharpener

I have bought quite a few things from Barry M recently, I seem to have taken quite a liking their products! I bought a lipgloss that is now my staple gloss (Lipgloss in 11 - Coral) and I also bought their kohl liner (Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner). Since buying the eyeliner I realised that obviously it was becoming blunt (which this one does quite quickly) and therefore I needed to sharpen it. My old sharpener broke quite recently so I decided to purchase a new one. In boots they are doing a buy one thing, get something else half price, and I had had my eye on the Wink Eyeliner Marker for ages so I decided to purchase that too. It meant that the sharpener was only a £1, not a massive saving but every little helps! 

Anyway, the sharpener is great, very efficient and I like the casing. The two different sizes are useful too although I am yet to test the bigger sharpener. I hope it fits my MaXfactor lip pen, I think it will. 

The eyeliner...At first when I tried it I was incredibly disappointed. I thought I had completely wasted £5. (I think it  was actually £4.49 or something but basically £5). It didn't come out well, it seemed to have no pigment and I was ready to throw it away straight away. I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T. I did my friend's prom makeup yesterday and I really didn't want to use liquid liner but I needed more than kohl. I took it out and tested it on the back of my hand. It came out a lot blacker than I remembered so I tested it quickly on myself and realised that it actually had started working really well! Maybe it just needed more shaking or something. Anyway, a miracle had occurred and I haven't wasted my money as I love it. It's super easy and looks great. It definitely isn't as long lasting as my Seventeen liquid liner, but that stuff stays on for days. It does seem to last nearly all day as long as you don't rub it. 

Naked Palette Eyeshadows, Maybelline The Falsies Mascara and Barry M Wink Eyeliner.
I also used it to line under my eyes with the Barry M Kohl on the waterline.

Are there any other Barry M products I should try out? I used to have their dazzle dusts, for some reason I have a hot pink and a bright green... interesting colour choices I must admit. I still sometimes use the gold one I have as they are so pigmented and beautiful.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Em x

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