Sunday, 23 June 2013

Beauty Tag!

This is going to look like a hugely long post but it's really not! It is the first completely text post I've done on here though, it's a beauty tag and it's basically a 'this or that?' question tag. I'm doing this whilst thinking 'if you could only have/do one of these for ages which one would you chose?' I hope you enjoy reading it and i'm sorry it looks so long! It doesn't help that i've spread it out but it was too hard to read without the spaces!

Here it goes... (the ones i've chosen are in bold)


Blush or Bronzer

-I use blush all year round and everyday but I mainly use bronzer only in summer.

Lip gloss or Lipstick
-Tricky one, but i've been using lipgloss a lot recently.

Eye liner or Mascara

-Mascara is a daily essential if i'm wearing makeup, I don't think my face looks 'done' without it.

Foundation or Concealer

-I can just wear concealer but I always feel my face looks more flawless and nicer with foundation.

Neutral or Color eye shadow

-My favourite palette is the Naked Palette - I love my golds/nudes.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows

-Simple, less mess.

Brushes or Sponges
-Sponges are incredibly unhygienic and soak up the product.

OPI or China Glaze

-I don't own either, but I love a lot of the OPI colours

Long or Short

-My nails were very long and now they are short and I am hating it.

Acrylic or Natural

-When my nails grow long they do look quite fake but they are natural... Acrylics are fun but bad for your nails.

Brights or Darks

-I like both but bright is always more fun.


Perfume or Body splash

-I do like 'body splashes' or body sprays as i'd call them, but I am addicted to my perfumes.

Lotion or Body butter 

-I like things that soak in quickly but sometimes luxury comes first so i'll use a butter.

Body wash or Soap

-I'd just drop the soap in the shower...

Lush or Other bath company 

-Lush is amazing but there are many products from other places that I also love.


Jeans or Sweat pants

-Why is this a question? Sweat pants aren't a fashion, they are what you wear when not leaving the house or are having a lazy day?! I pretty much always wear jeans anyway.

Long sleeve or Short

-I own very few long sleeved clothes. I had a thing against them when I turned 14/15 because I thought they looked young or something and now I just don't often buy long-sleeved stuff.

Dresses or Skirts

-I am actually sat here in a skirt, but it is basically the only skirt I own (apart from a black bodycon one) where as I own many dresses... 

Stripes or Plaid 

-I own a few stripey tops but I'm not a massive fan of either stripes or plaid...

flip flops or Sandals 

-I buy cheap flip flops to wear for a summer and throw away but i'll spend more on getting really nice sandals.

Scarves or hats

- I have recently developed a thing for pretty scarves... not wooly ones but ones I can wear if it's just a little too cold. 

Studs or dangly earrings

-Hard one, in the past it would have been dangly straight away but now I love studs and rarely wear dangly ones.
Necklaces or bracelets 

-I am awful with bracelets, I just forget to wear them.

Heels or Flats 

-I'm 5ft11 and that's basically enough said.

Cowboy boots or Riding boots

Not quite sure of the difference here but my boots look more like riding ones I think.

Jacket or Hoodie 

- This one is unfair as it totally depends where I am and what I'm doing. I quite recently bought a new look blazer that I have been wearing a lot though.

Forever 21 or Charlotte russe 

-Never heard of Charlotte Russe

Abercombie or Hollister

Aren't they the same thing basically?

Saks 5th or Nordstrom

-Never been to either but heard of Nordstrom.


Curly or Straight

-My natural hair is curly therefore it's my favourite but I do love having it straight sometimes.

Bun or Ponytail

-If you've read my last post you'll know why. The curliness plus the length of my hair makes a really stupid ponytail at the moment.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips

-Best invention ever.

Hair spray or Gel 

-I'd never use gel as there is too much risk of using too much and it looking weird, plus to be honest, it wouldn't work for many of my hairstyles.

Long or Short 
-Desperately trying to grow my hair.

Light or Dark 

-Okay so this was hard because half my hair is light and the other half dark, but my hair is naturally dark and dark hair looks thicker normally.

Side sweep fringe or Full fringe

-On myself I much prefer a side fringe but I used to have a full fringe.

Up or down 

-Depends on what I'm doing, and how my hair is looking.


Rain or Shine

-The weather and I had a massive falling out today, it rained on me when I didn't have a coat and I had another 4 hours of work ahead of me.

Summer or Winter

-I love not having to wear tights with dresses

Fall or Spring 

-Our autumns seem to be warmer than most other times of the year at the moment...

Chocolate or Vanilla 

-I like both, depends what it is...

East coast or West coast

-Never been to America but I really want to go to California.

And now I tag YOU, do it on your tumblr, or your blog, or whatever you want!

Em x

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