Thursday, 20 June 2013

Messy Hair Bun

I hate tying my hair up at the moment, it's at a really awkward length and I only like it tied up when it's straight. This doesn't mean I don't tie it up at all, if you look at my previous posts you can see that I still do but I have taken to doing a really messy bun using hair grips and no hair tie. Anyway, I did it yesterday and I thought it looked good so I thought i'd share it with you. I had just got home from work and as I work with kids it's best to have it up - however when i got home it was even messier than when i'd set off (at the front anyway).

If your hair isn't curly then curl your hair with straightners or a curling iron to achieve this but do it messily, don't try and create equal curls. As my hair is already curly (and messy) I firstly had put Moroccon Hair Oil in to calm the frizz (I mentioned this stuff in my birthday haul) and then I hold my hair up as I would start a ponytail. I do the first twist as you would a normal 'ballet bun'. Then hold that in place and with the rest of the ponytail wrap it round loosely (as you would a ballet bun but without twisting the hair tightly). Then randomly slide the grips in the whole way around, I think I used about 8 grips ish. It works differently with different hair types but that's what it turned out like on mine and I really like it for work as it's up but doesn't look severe.

I hope you can kind of follow those instructions!

See you Sunday!

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