Saturday, 8 June 2013

My top 4 'rescue' products!

Now by 'rescue products' I don't mean that they are going to save me if I get into trouble like if I fall off a boat or something, oh no, I mean the products that save me from dry lips, elbows, hands etc. The products that help my skin rather than cover it up like with all the make-up! I have a product for the body, one for my face, one for lips and finally a hand cream.

I feel like working left to right from the picture so here we go!

First up is the body product:
Neutrogena - Norwegian Formula 
Intense Repair Body Lotion
for very dry, rough skin

My Mum uses this product and so one day I borrowed it and realised just how good it is! It is 'lightly fragranced' but it isn't greasy and it does soak in really well. I don't apply it nearly as regularly as it suggests as it says once or twice a day, twice is definitely excessive but I can see why you would apply it once a day. I am just too lazy to do so. I don't have 'very dry, rough skin' but it does leave my skin feeling hydrated and nourished and is great for elbows and knees. I can see it working really well on much drier skin than mine and although it may not be great for sensitive skin, I enjoy using it. My skin on my legs is especially sensitive after shaving them so I don't apply it then.

Now onto the face moisturiser:
Neutrogena Multi-Defence
Daily Moisturiser
All Skin Types

This is my favourite face moisturiser that I have ever used. I have only just noticed that it is also a Neutrogena product, and I know that they are well known for being good moisturising products!  I use this everyday before I apply my make-up and I always feel like I am putting something good onto my face that is actually protecting and moisturising. I would say my skin is normal/combination and there are 3 types of this moisturiser - 'normal/combination', 'dry and sensitive skin' and 'all skin types'. I am not sure if I realised there were different types at the time or if I just wanted the extra SPF but I got 'all skin types' which has spf 25 compared to the others which have slightly lower spf. Anyway, this moisturiser is good by itself or with make-up but if I have time I like to let it sink in before I put my make-up on and I feel that my foundation sits better on my skin if the moisturiser has had time to sink in and isn't too much on the surface. It says that it protects against '5 major daily aggressors: sun, heat, cold, pollution and wind' and personally I obviously have no way to prove this but I do feel like my face feels better and looks more radiant after using this moisturiser. I did have a break from it whilst I tried a different moisturiser but I couldn't help myself and I went back to it!

Time for the lip product!

Bach Flower Remedies - Rescue Lip Balm.

This was actually a birthday present this year from my Mum otherwise I never would have picked this up! The smell/taste takes a little getting used to but I am actually starting to like it. I have long been a fan of Rescue Remedy and I didn't even realise they did lip products! In my room at uni my lips started getting really chapped, dry and sore, and I had been complaining to my Mum about this, which is why she bought it for me I guess. (I blame the central heating and lack of airflow in my room for the dry lips - it was too cold to open the window and my door is heavy and won't stay open). It doesn't have a colour when applied and just leaves my lips looking shiny. The smell is kind of herbal, as you would expect from the brand and I tend to use it when I wake up (unless i'm going to be putting lipgloss/lipstick on) and before I go to bed. It has definitely helped and my lips haven't been nearly as bad since i've got back to uni. If I do think they are getting a little dry then I just put some on and it's all good. Of course I have many many other lip balms and some are great but this is the one I am liking the most at the moment.

Finally, the hand cream.

Mandara Spa
Tropical Blooms 
Nourishing Hand Cream

I really need to get better at using hand cream more often, I am so bad at remembering but it does make such a difference - especially after washing up! The smell of this hand cream is gorgeous, it has jasmine and ylang ylang in it and after I put it on I cannot stop smelling my hands! I would try and describe what that smells like but I am so rubbish at describing scent and my description stops at 'sort of floral yet fresh' if that makes any sense. It's a nice hand cream, it is moisturising and sinks in well after a bit of massaging. It might not be the most moisturising but the smell... oh the smell. I also love Mandara Spa's Honeymilk Dream scent, and I have the shower gel of that at home. Once this runs out I think I may purchase the handcream version of that. I have a 35ml tube of this hand cream and it is the perfect size for my handbag - which I shall put it in now, to encourage me to use it more often!

I have just realised that these will be the last photos I take in my uni accommodation for this year. I am writing this a day ahead of schedule (Friday 7th) because tomorrow I head home and I am going to be too busy and tired to write when I get back! I'm going away from Canterbury (*sad face* I really love it here) and will not be returning to my flat again! I have loved my time in halls (although essentially it is a flat) as a first year and i'll be sad to leave. Next year (by this I mean academic year, so in September) I will be moving into a house though, and this will open up new possibilities like maybe being able to film videos for YouTube although we shall see how this goes. The lighting and setup of my room here in the flat just wasn't good for filming, so hopefully I can work something out next year. I am looking forward to it! Until then I shall be at home for the summer, I may go on a few trips away, I have friends to see in many different places and of course this means more people to do makeup & hair on! (There will still be a new blog post every Sunday though, wherever I am, I shall find a way!)

I cannot believe I am leaving my first year flat, but there are exciting times ahead! See you tomorrow.

Em x 

Just a couple of photos of me yesterday, with simple make-up, the only extras were just a tiny bit of purple eyeshadow (Soap&Gloary Eyeshadow Quad in Off The Wall Flowers, MaXfactor Blush in Natural Glow and Barry M lipgloss in Coral. I pinned my hair in a small quiff and also pinned (just with bobby pins) it round to the side. As you can see, my room was a bit of a mess as I started packing! The top is H&M but I bought it ages ago. It's amazing how having bright sunlight in my face really makes a difference to my skin tone!

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