Sunday, 9 June 2013

Capital FM Summertime Ball OOTD!

I am SO excited, in less than 5 hours time I will be in Wembley Stadium and watching Taylor Swift, Olly Murs, The Saturdays, The Wanted and so many others! I really hope Ed Sheeran makes a surprise appearance with Taylor for Everything Has Changed.

I was up last night trying to decide on an outfit - what on earth do you wear to a concert like this? It's not like I know anyone there so it isn't the same as going to a party but I still want to look and feel good. If the weather didn't look a little chilly then i'd be wearing my new maxi dress but it's strapless and I don't think it would be quite right for today. I thought about leggings and a peplum top... I thought about highwaisted shorts and a loose t-shirt, but I kept going back to dresses! I have worn a lot of my dresses recently on nights out so I didn't want to wear them (I am not one of those people who only wear things once or twice but I don't like wearing the same dress twice within a couple of weeks).

Typical me and i've changed my mine, it really is quite windy and cold looking outside so I have changed into the peplum top and leggings. Also the blazer I can wear with this outfit is a little warmer than the denim jacket I was going to wear with the dress!

Blazer - New Look, Peplum top - Topshop, Leggings - Topshop, Necklace - Accessorize? I think. 

The necklace was a later addition, hence why it isn't in all the photos. I wanted to wear a statement necklace and this is the best one I have. I really need to invest in some more but I am looking for the perfect one and so far I haven't found it yet! Also, I washed my hair this morning and I like to let it dry naturally so I didn't have time to let it dry completely before I got my mum to take these photos!

I'm not always a fan of wearing leggings by themselves apart from for dance or with longer tops but I love topshop leggings as they are just about thick enough for me to get away with it and not have a VPL! 

I am also of course taking a bag but I have only decided which bag to take as I write this! I am taking a bag that I bought quite recently from next which I shall link here. Although for some reason they only have the Toffee coloured one online where as I have the black one. They do have a black version online but it has a different pocket at the front...


My lipstick is my current favourite, Revlon Ultimate Suede in Backstage. Mainly because it goes with the top so well, but also because I love it. 
I have on a blush from my Stila Snow Angel palette in Shimmery Apricot.
& for my eyes, it's liquid liner with a purple smoky eye using my ELF Beauty Encyclopedia in the Basic Eye Edition. 

I wanted to go a little more summery than this for the Summertime Ball but with the weather as it is, it just wouldn't quite look right. I hope you like the outfit and the make-up and let me know what you would wear if you were going or if you are going then let me know what you did wear and who was your favourite act after the show! :)

Em x 

Oh and this is the last post of my 'week of blogging' *sad face* I've loved doing it and hopefully if I can I will do it again soon! I will be returning to a post every Sunday for the moment, although there may be a few 'mid-week' posts coming up soon! :) Love, Em x


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