Friday, 7 June 2013

OOTD - Summer Day on Campus

Okay so this isn't todays outfit as the sun has gone and it definitely wasn't warm enough to wear this today but I wore this outfit the same day I did Zoe's make-up (if you want to see that click here) and so we took some photos. I definitely like my make-up in this but I'm not too sure about my hair. It was doing strange things so I tied it up and by the time I got to Zoe's the front part had come out a bit! 

Sunglasses - Next, Top - H&M, Skirt - ASOS, Shoes - New Look

I have been wearing the shoes all the time recently as they are the only pumps that I brought with me to uni apart from exactly the same ones but with polka-dot print. I really like wearing them and they are comfy and were cheap so i'll be buying more. 

Zoe thought it was a dress when I went to hers, as they are made of a very similar material which is quite silky and smooth. However, they are separate pieces and I actually really like wearing the top with jeans. I don't wear the skirt much and I decided to wear it primarily because it was a sunny day and this made me happy, therefore I felt like dressing up a bit although really I only needed to walk to campus do a couple of things and walk back...

I love skirts that are shorter at the front, longer at the back (Asymmetrical) and this skirt is pretty long at the back in fact it is almost a maxi and it certainly would be on someone a bit shorter than me!

The top is a pretty pale pink colour, and there is a name for the style of it but I can't remember, it is quite loose fitting and is a sort of 'swing' style I guess. Tucked into the skirt you can't see but it's actually a nice length on me to wear with basically anything. (leggings, jeans, shorts...)

The lipstick is Revlon Ultimate Suede in Backstage - blog post about these lipsticks is here.

& finally a picture of Zoe and I

I enjoyed wearing this outfit although I had to wear dance shorts underneath and I still decided to hold the skirt together when walking along! It is a wrap skirt as you can see, and the wind tends to make it fly apart at the front. Other than that I think it's a good summery outfit!

Em x

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