Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Suede look lipstick?!

My friend works for a promotions company and has been working for Revlon recently, promoting some of their new products. Just to make clear, this is not a sponsored post as I am in no way affiliated with Revlon.

Anyway, my friend had testers of the ColourStay Ultimate Suede lipsticks and she let me try them on and see what I thought!

(L - R) Finale, Socialite, Backstage, Womanswear, High Heels, It Girl, Muse

(L - R) Finale, Socialite, Backstage, Womanswear, High Heels, It Girl, Muse
The colours look really intense in the tube, and in all honesty I was a little scared of the very bright pinks and the intense purple colour. On application the colours did not come out nearly as bright as I thought they would. I was pleasantly surprised as the colours all came out really nicely. I liked the feeling of the lipsticks as they went on, they are lovely and smooth to apply. The colour comes out well and its just a case of making sure the colour applies evenly. Originally we had 7 colours but my friend managed to lose one on the day I was photographing them on myself, as I photographed the lipsticks on a different day.

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They are advertised as being all-day colour, (put on once and go) and they claim to be moisturising with aloe and Shea butter. I would say that the colour stay is good but I'm not sure I could go all day without reapplying. The staying power is definitely very good though compared to the majority of other lipsticks I have tried. The moisturising bit I'm not so sure about, it definitely didn't dry out my lips but it wasn't moisturising like wearing a lip balm or something of the sort.

I really like the matte finish of these lipsticks, they are meant to stay moisturising even though matt effect lipsticks and actually a lot of lipsticks in general, I find can be quite drying. The lighting of my photos makes them look slightly more glossy than they actually are, they dry after a few minutes and become more matte or as Revlon calls it - Suede.  I wore 'backstage' on a night out the other day (photos above) and it lasted really well, my lips didn't get too dry and I didn't need to reapply too much (I did eat and drink with it on and it lasted pretty well but later on into the night I decided the colour needed evening out again).

I'd definitely check these out if you need a lipstick that doesn't need reapplying regularly. The texture needs a little getting used to because of the matte finish you can't rub your lips together easily as it can pull off the lipstick if that makes sense. There is a huge selection of colours though, I believe there are 20, so go try them and see what you think! I love Backstage (it is now in my collection) and I think I shall purchase more - they are definitely great for a night out!

Let me know what you think of them if you've tried them!? What are your favourite colours?

Em x

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