Thursday, 6 June 2013

Collective Haul

There are a lot of products in this haul and I definitely didn't buy them on the some day! They are all products i've bought since my birthday in May. It's primarily a make-up & brushes haul but for some reason I also decided to add in a little wildcard hair band too that I bought and thought i'd throw into this haul! Also, this isn't in any order of when I bought the products.

MaXfactor Face Finity
All Day Flawless Foundation
in Natural
I have been using this foundation when I need to do my face in the morning and I want it to last all day and then on a night out. It says that it is a primer, concealer and foundation all-in-one and I find the coverage good. I'd say it's just above a medium coverage (it could be heavy if built up I think, but personally I like it quite light). I do add a little concealer to my under-eye circles but I don't need to reapply foundation before I go out in the evening when I use this so I am definitely a fan of this foundation! The SPF 20 is a massive plus and is especially important when the weather is like today - very sunny!

Seventeen Eyeshadow Trio 
In The Nude
I bought this eyeshadow so that I had a small compact brown set to take in the makeup bag that I keep in my handbag. It does a pretty good smoky eye that can be worn in the daytime and also on a night out and it is the perfect size for my make-up bag. It is pretty cheap too and this was an important factor when I bought this because it's in my handbag a lot there is a chance it will get knocked and battered around!

MaXfactor Flawless Perfection Blush
223 Natural Glow
The first thing I will say about this product is don't even bother using the brush. It is the worst attempt at a blush brush I have ever tried. However, on a much more positive note - I love this blusher. I have worn it nearly everyday since I bought it (about a week ago) and it gives a gorgeous rose pink glow to your cheeks. I bought this when I bought the MaXfactor foundation. The lady on the MaXfactor counter was helping me colour match the foundation to my skin tone and she did my entire face (which is incredibly helpful when choosing foundation I find. When you only try a little on your face or the back of your hand I find it hard to tell how it'll look all over my face...). Once she had put the foundation on she then chose a blusher so that I looked 'done' again. She chose this one and I sort of fell in love with it on the spot. Having smashed my favourite blush last week (Rimmel Match Perfection 001 Light) I decided it was time for a change. Definitely a good purchase in my opinion!

GOSH Brow Kit
I needed a brow kit with multiple colours that I could use on other people when I do their make-up. I think I will stick to the colour I use at the moment for myself, only because I have it and I like it and also I don't want to use this kit up too quickly! There are a few variations of this on the market, some have more colours in them but personally I think that the three in this set are enough as you can mix them yourself and it's just a case of building the right colour. I also like the wax in this set. I am using my own eyebrow brush for the colours at the moment and i'm using the brush in the set for the wax. I did notice that I had to check my eyebrows less often when wearing it. My eyebrows are such a nightmare for going out of shape!

Free Gift for spending over £15
Mini Masterpiece Max Mascara
Limited Edition Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Foxy Amber
Max Colour Effect Mono Eyeshadow in Creme Champagne
Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Deep Coral
They say on the leaflet that came with this pack that "nothing is more feminine than a matching painted nail and lip" and you are meant to use this set to create that. However, what I have found to be a PINK lip colour and an ORANGE nail colour definitely do not match. I found this a bit strange! The Mascara is nice to use, I am not generally a fan of plastic wands but with this one it gives a nice length to my lashes and definitely gives definition. It is not a mascara i'd use for a strong eye look because I wouldn't say it gives as much volume as i'd need but for day use and when I want simple fluttery lashes I actually really like it. The 'giant pen stick' is basically a fancy lip gloss/lipstick combination shaped in a pen. I love the colour of this one, it's a very pretty pink colour and I can't wait to wear it this summer. The only small downside is that it does need reapplying quite often. I don't mind too much though as i'll just shove it in my handbag! The eyeshadow is a good basic shadow that I'll use in my day to day make-up probably on it's own just to add a little shimmer to my lid. Finally, the nail polish is a shimmery orange colour - they call it 'coral' but I would just say that it is a deep orange but it is pretty and will be lovely for the summer and when my nails have grown back to a good length!

Real Techniques Brushes
Foundation Brush (bought individually)
Eyes Starter Set 
(L-R) Deluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush, Accent Brush, Pixel-Point, Eyeliner Brush, Brow Brush
The only thing to say about these brushes is that I LOVE THEM. I actually received the foundation brush for a birthday present that I had asked for from my parents and I then went out and bought the 'Eyes Starter Kit' with the Boots vouchers I had received for my birthday. I have a 217 MAC eyeshadow brush but that was all I really used before I got these. I still use it too but now it is considerably easier to apply eyeshadow on myself and on others. They are great brushes and although they aren't 'cheap' they really aren't badly priced for what they are and the quality is great. I can't believe that I had never owned a foundation brush before! I will definitely be investing in some more of their collections soon!

Barry M
Lipgloss in 11 Coral
Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner
This lipgloss was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me recently as I have worn it so much! Firstly my friends and I have been trying to decide what it smells and tastes like, and I think it's like fruity candy sweets but I can't decide which ones. Other people have come to the same conclusions but with variations of which sweet type! I don't even like those sweets but I do like the smell (and taste) of this lipgloss. Its nice and smooth and not sticky and gives a lovely shine to my lips. It's not too thick and the pigment in it is quite light so if you want a heavier colour then put a lipstain on first. Also, I would disagree with it's name of 'coral' as that makes me think coral orange, which this is definitely not. I think I have said in a previous blog post that I didn't even know the name till after I'd picked it up and chosen it. I am glad that didn't affect me buying it! The Eyeliner is definitely what it says - waterproof and bold black. I can't say much more apart from it lasts, I generally use it on my waterline as I prefer using gel or liquid liner on my lid lashline. It's not a liner i'd use if I didn't want to be quite dramatic...

Hair Accessory
Ponytail Cuff
I've seen girls wearing this sort of thing before and i've always thought how nice it looks and how it's great to be able to dress up a simple ponytail that takes you 5 seconds before you leave. As my hair is curly and not that long yet I tend to only tie it up in buns as I don't like it in a ponytail but when I straighten my hair (very occasionally) I am definitely using this. It just makes it look finished and adds a little something to a really easy look. Just be careful getting it out of your hair as it can pull if you aren't really gentle (and quite careful). Also - use a thin hair band, like a plastic elastic one to tie your hair up first and it makes it a bit easier. 

I think this has been quite a long blog post for today but thank you for reading it  and I hope you enjoyed it, please follow!

Em x

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