Sunday, 16 June 2013

Out for drinks

I am blogging from my new desk at home!! YAY. I love it as there is so much more space even though it's a little shorter than my old one. It is much deeper and the height is better. Plus I have my new adjustable desk chair so i'm much comfier. I spent 3 hours in the Wembley IKEA yesterday desk shopping! (I bought a couple of other bits too...)

As always, i'm running late. I've been at work all day and then I went and did a trial for my friend Tess's hair and makeup for her prom. That was great fun but I forgot my camera as I went straight from work so there aren't any pictures that I have. There are some on her phone that I'll ask to steal if possible.

Onto today's post, (it's not just me rambling - I promise!!)

I'm about to go out for birthday drinks (it's a joint thing for two of my friends from back at school). I thought i'd do a sort of OOTD and FOTD -


Playsuit - Oasis, Tights - (probably) M&S

I used MaXfactor Lipstick in 510 English Rose and for my eyes I used my Naked Palette, I used 'Gunmetal' (grey) for the outside third and to create the 'smoky' effect and I used 'Smog' (gold) on the middle third and into the centre, I put a little 'Sin' (shimmery nude) on the inner part of my eyelid as a highlight. 

I love this lipstick as it's a really shimmery pink and I think it makes a change to the glosses or matte colours I normally go for. I've also been reaching for the gold/silver eyeshadows a lot more recently and mixing them up a bit. I've been feeling a little experimental...

I tied my hair up because i'd tied it up earlier and once I tie it up it tends to want to stay up (i.e it doesn't go back into a nice shape down).

I love the playsuit so much, it's summery but with black tights you can play it down and make it a little more casual. It's a little restrictive around the arms but it's not too bad! I can't wait to wear it more this summer.

What do you think of playsuits? 

Em x

My new set up :) 


  1. I love that dress! the pattern and colours are gorgeous :)

    Sinead |

    1. Yeah, I saw it online and just had to have it!

      Em x

  2. I love that floral pattern on your playsuit! I've never even heard of a playsuit before...we call them jumpsuits usually :)

    And I definitely love the shimmery color on your lips. Gorgeous!

    So nice of you to do your friend's hair and makeup!

    1. Ahh, jumpsuits are long length (so like trousers) but playsuits are the shorts version.

      Thank you very much!

      I do my friend's hair and makeup a lot - i'm guessing you were looking at the post about Zoe's make up? That was fun to do :) I am doing my friend's prom hair and make-up and so that'll be up very soon! Come back and have a look! :)

      Em x


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