Monday, 3 June 2013

Purple Smoky Eye on Zoe from StreetToStyle

Today I did my friend Zoe's makeup (not for any particular reason - in fact she was going to the library to revise! But just for fun and she wanted some photos for her fashion blog that she does with our friend Emilie - link here and they will be putting up new posts soon - they promise!)

I thought i'd share with you the look that I did:

I used a mixture of my own makeup and Zoe's make-up to create this look, obviously my own skin colour is a bit different to Zoe's so I used her own foundation etc but the eye make-up and blush is my own. I also used her lipgloss as in my rush to get to hers I didn't really pick any up!

Foundation - Revlon PhotoReady in 004 Nude
Concealer - Avon in Nude (it is a stick concealer - not sure exactly what it's called but I just used it under her eyes and I added a little of my own concealer (Collection 2000 in light) to add a tiny bit more coverage.
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte in Peach Glow (my usual powder  it doesn't add too much colour so it works on a lot of skin tones similar to mine)
Blush - Stila Snow Angel Palette - Matte Plum

Eyeshadow - Stila Snow Angel Palette - (in order of light to dark)
Eggnog (highlight and inside corner)
Kitten (gold - wash over lid)
Fairy (Deep purple - mid lid, worked into crease)
Truffle (slightly glittery much darker purple on the outside of the lid and into the crease)

Eyeliner - Seventeen Liquid Liner (Mine came in a set that I received for Christmas but I think their 'Tattoo Me' eyeliner will be very similar as this one is kind of a nightmare to get off... but it means it lasts all day! - and possibly the next day too...)
Pencil Eyeliner - Avon Glimmerstick, in Blackest Black (I used to own this and I love the fact you don't have to sharpen it... it gives relatively good pigment too but i'm not sure about durability.
Mascara - Maybelline The Falsies

Eyebrows - Seventeen Eyeshadow Trio in Nude Smoke (I had forgotten my new eyebrow set and I needed a light brown colour, much lighter than my own eyebrow one so I used the pale brown colour in the trio and it worked well as just a little bit of a boost in colour for Zoe's Eyebrows.

Lipgloss - Benefit Ultra Shines in Nookie Nookie. (Personally I think the £14 price tag (Boots) is a little steep for a lipgloss,, but i did like the colour. I didn't really like the applicator it's a tiny brush sort of thing. It works but I just didn't like it as much as most applicators.) 

Comment if you like the look, please follow and I hope you like this :)

Em x

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